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McPhee Drama Continues
by IdolWhore

** It seems as if KATHARINE MCPHEE can't catch a break…then again, maybe she can. After quietly sitting on the Idol Injured Reserved List for the Top 10 Summer Tour with a nasty case of bronchitis (and I'm talking really quiet, as doctor's orders forbid her from even speaking during her recovery), Kat seriously injured her foot before a recent show. As they (whoever they are) say, the show must go on, so the McFoot was taped up and Kat performed wearing slippers throughout the night. An x-ray taken after the concert revealed that Kat had suffered a hairline fracture. Fear not, McFans! The girl may not be dancing much, but her voice is well rested and she can sing. Promoters say that Kat will continue to perform at the shows as scheduled, although they concede that she will have to smile through a certain degree of pain.

** Is it FANTASIA'S life or is it just Lifetime? As the Lifetime Network readies to broadcast "Fantasia: Life is Not a Fairy Tale," the "Idol" public relations department is preparing its response. The movie depicts Fantasia being discouraged from taking part in "Idol's" Season 3 because she was a high school drop-out and an unwed mother. "Idol" executive producer Ken Warwick insists that such a claim is nonsense. They knew Fantasia had a baby from the get-go, and not only was she not discouraged from continuing with the show, she was tapped as the favorite to win very early in the competition. Is everybody digging the drama? The folks at Lifetime probably are! A routine biopic has just turned into a major pissing contest with the most popular show on television! You can't buy this kind of publicity. Viewers can start scoring the bout when the movie premieres on Lifetime on August 18th.


** Is there anything left to learn about current American Idol TAYLOR HICKS? People magazine has shown his baby pictures, interviewed his high school classmates, and even hunted down his old girlfriends. Have we hit the high point on the "too much information" meter yet? The Idol Whore is more interested in hearing Gray Charles' new CD than hearing about who he was crushing on in third grade. (Here's hoping Taylor can rope together some cool soul, the stuff he sings so well, and drop that "Idol-obligated" treacle like "Do I Make You Proud.") Still, there are apparently some people out there who want to know even more about Taylor's personal life---and there are others willing to pay him mucho money to share it. According to the New York Post, an imprint of Random House has shelled out an estimated $750,000 advance to Mr. Hicks for his memoir. Okay, it may be Taylor memoir, but the man himself will not be writing it. David Wild, a ghostwriter and occasional contributor to Rolling Stone magazine will be granted that esteemed honor. Already titled Heart Full of Soul, the opus is scheduled to hit bookshelves in the spring of 2007.

** It will mostly cover Taylor's life as a struggling musician all the way to his "Idol" victory.Taylor Hicks is from Birmingham, Alabama, as are other successful "Idol" singers Season 2 champion RUBEN STUDDARD and Season 4 runner-up BO BICE. That fact is not lost on Alabama's Bureau of Tourism and Travel, which will create billboards featuring images of the city's native sons with the slogan "Where America finds its voice. Alabama." Alabama tourism director Lee Sentell announced that six billboards will appear on the roads shortly before the "American Idol" auditions begin in Birmingham on Aug. 21." They will then be displayed for four months. Who knows? After those auditions, another successful Birmingham Idol may join them next year.

** ELLIOTT YAMIN, who placed third in Season 5, will not be signing with 19 Entertainment, the label with four of the season five finalists have since signed deals. “I will not be affiliated with 19 after the tour is over,” he tells Entertainment Weekly. Fear not, Yamin fans, he says “we’re close to signing a deal in stone” with an another label, though he harbors no resentment toward 19 Entertainment. “There's no need for anyone to be outraged. What's the big hurry? What's the big rush?”AOL recently gave some of its space to, a website that encourages viewers to choose the worst singer in the "Idol" competition at any given moment and vote like crazy for them. Each week, the site chooses the singer they hate the most and tries to rally people to vote for him or her. Past honorees receiving the Vote for the Worst Seal of Approval have included Scott "Who the hell did you sleep with, kill, or threaten to get into this competition?" Savol and Kevin "Chicken Little" Corvais.

** Considering that their site only gets 300,000 hits on a regular basis while 30 million votes are cast for each "Idol" episode, it is unlikely that the Worst recommendations have any effect on the outcome of the competition, but I guess this is a fun way for jaded people with too much time on their hands to keep themselves occupied and out of prison. AOL asked Vote for the Worst to name the "Top 20 Most Awesomely Bad 'American Idol' Performances." Kellie Pickler received two spots on the countdown for her renditions of "Bohemian Rhapsody" (c'mon, guys, that was pretty good!) and "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered (okay, that was truly awful, and even the Pickler admitted that she had "butchered it").

Others receiving "Worst" acclaim include Nikki McKibbin of Season 1 and her rendition of "Always Something There to Remind Me," Anthony Federov of Season 4 with his version of "Climb Every Mountain," Ace Young of Season 5 and his scar-revealing interpretation of "Drops of Jupiter," and several singers that got chucked from the competition so early that even the Idol Whore can't remember them. (Hey, guys, if you insist on digging that deep, perhaps should have included the Roman Brothers from Season 3.)

With 20 spots on the chart, the Idol Whore wants to know why the hell John Peter "Somebody please adjust my medication" Lewis and his spazzed-out version of Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation" is ranked all the way down at #14. You will have a very difficult time convincing me that there were actually 13 performances that were worse than that. In fact, Vote for the Worst’s choice as the #1 Most Awesomely Bad "American Idol" Performance was Season 3's John Stevens' attempt to get jiggy with Elton John's "Crocodile Rock." Guys, you're not doing a very good job here, Sure, Johnny-Red's awkward "Croc-Rock" was bad, but it wasn't the worst. In fact, it wasn't even his worst---Stevens' worst performance was his off-key rendition of "My Girl." The Idol Whore finds it tough to think of anything much worse than that creepy JPL, but couldn't you guys have at least mentioned Brenna the Bad Witch? You think you're bad, but you don't know bad.

Hit the showers, boys! Idol Whore out!
Britney, K-Fed & the Flux Capacitor
By PopCultureWhore

Britney & Kevin on time travel (2:44 into the vid)

Britney: Have you ever seen "Back to the Future?" Is that possible - to time ... travel ... speed?
Kevin: No
Britney: Yes it is.
Kevin: Ok, but not that we know of.
Britney: I think people can do that. I think some people are ahead of us.
Kevin: Maybe. But they would never tell the world. They wouldn't tell nobody shit. Can you imagine? How many people would try to go back and change shit?

Meanwhile, what is reportedly a track off K-Fed's upcoming album has been posted HERE. Is this what I was supposed to be "shocked" by?
One Night (Not) In Paris
By PopCultureWhore

I imagine People writer Stephen Silverman was probably laughing hysterically as he typed his article about Paris Hilton abstaining from sex for a year, so a few typos are forgivable, but he might want to review what’s currently online.

The Web site now reads: “For that matter, the star reveals that she's only ever had sex with two men in.” So many dirty comments are just begging to roll of my tongue, but I’ll let you use your imagination. I imagine the sentence should have ended with “the last 24 hours” or something of that nature. Anyone with an Internet connection knows that her “number” is more than one …

Hilton says her renewed virginity is partially because she likes “the way guys go crazy when they can't have sex with you." In her experience, “the moment he has you he's gone.” To the STD clinic? Pumpkin, I’m just kidding. They’re probably just busy selling your underwear on eBay.

UPDATE: The sentence now reads: "For that matter, the star reveals that she's only ever had sex with two men in her entire life." So given that we've seen her talents on display with Rick Solomon, that means she never slept with either Paris Latsis or Stavros Niarchos, despite having been engaged to one and dated the other for seven months? I could also make a crude statement about the definition of sex, but I'll let your mind do the wandering ...

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Is This A Joke?
By PopCultureWhore

Is W Magazine trying to be ironic? A spread in next month’s issue features supermodels of yesteryear in a photo spread called “cover girls.” Unfortunately all the shots make them look like strung out party girls 10 years past their prime. The tag line says: “fashion’s iconic beauties go through their paces” so perhaps their “paces” include all-night coke binges, shoddy plastic surgery and lighting reminiscent of a police interrogation lamp? I’m all for Naomi Campbell (above) looking like a piece of trash, but these other ladies, especially Christie Brinkley, might deserve a little more blush and some soft Janice Dickinson-esque dewy lighting.

Cindy Crawford

Christie Brinkley

Christy Turlington

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It's a Living
By PopCultureWhore

Porn star Jenna Jameson poses by her new wax figure at the Las Vegas Madame Tussauds. If you tickle her tattoos, you get a message from Jenna ("math is hard?") Is is just me or does the face on the wax figure (right) look more lifelike than her real face?

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Knock, Knock!
By PopCultureWhore

Star Jones denies that she and husband Al Reynolds are headed for divorce court and is threatening legal action against anyone who dares suggest that they are anything but soul mates. Does that extend to her neighbors? Page Six reports that Al and Star’s neighbors reported that a burly black man buzzed their apartment at 4 a.m. one morning looking for Al. The couple’s publicist claims that the visitor was just one of many pranksters who have bothered the duo since their address was made public, but building residents say the guy is a regular. Al, meanwhile, seems to be very fashion forward. "I know Al. I see him in the elevator all the time - in Spandex," the neighbor said.

And I know this picture has nothing to do with Al and Star, but I just didn't want to post their ugly faces again. This amiable little sprite is Salad Fingers, an oddly alarming creature featured in some creepy cartoons found HERE. Enjoy! Posted by Picasa
"She Is Beauuuutiful. Like Me!"
By PopCultureWhore

Add Penelope Cruz to the list of celebs who have spotted alien child Suri Cruise. Cruz, who dated Mr. Crazy Pants for a few years after they filmed “Vanilla Sky” together, told People that she has seen the child and that it’s “beautiful.” Ok, why are you hanging out with your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend and child? Was that written into the contract? If I were Penelope, Cruise would be that straight-to-voicemail psycho ex and if I were Katie, I’d summon the powers of Xeon to banish the newly single Ms. Cruz from sight.

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Whore Bag Affair
By PopCultureWhore

All the cameras come out for a public affair, y’all. The Ladies of Questionable Talent gathered at Little Door restaurant in Hollywood on Tuesday for hairstylist/personal man slave Ken Paves’ birthday. He apparently took a vacation day to fete his 35th year on Earth because the coifs of his lady friends leave something to be desired. Ashlee is still rocking the Mischa Barton “it’s hip to look hungover” style, while sister Jessica is still locked in open mouth smile/wave/show expensive purse mode. She's probably trying to avoid this week's "LOOK AT ME" cover of US Weekly from ex-husband Nick Lachey, which screams "Why Nick Chose Vanessa." Nice.

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This Week in Substance Abuse
By PopCultureWhore

A Malibu prankster has altered the city’s welcoming sign to read “Melibu” after Mel Gibson’s post DUI-arrest “I own Malibu!” tirade. Click HERE for The Daily Show’s take on media coverage of the event.

Vying for mother of the year is Melanie Griffith, seen here lighting up her 17-year-old daughter's cigarette.

Pam Moves to the Head of the Class
By PopCultureWhore

Pamela Anderson’s wedding album will be something her children can cherish for years to come. Gazy of our Lives got their hands on some pictures from Pammy’s St. Tropez wedding celebration courtesy of a friend and wedding attendee. More pics HERE.

Is Cindy Crawford having a mid-life crisis? Why is she hanging with Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton, looking all boozed up?

UPDATE: Mid-life crisis in full effect. Video HERE of Cindy performing a lap dance for husband Rande Gerber - to the tune of Eve and Gwen Stefani's "Let Me Blow Your Mind" no less. Doesn't look like Rande minds too much.

And Then There Were Six ...
By Tiffany Westlie

Tonight our lovely judges on "So You Think You Can Dance" are Nigel, Mary and Mia. Our little dance stars will be picking a new partner, doing two dances with that partner and a solo in their own style.

Ivan and Natalie
Ivan and Natalie are up first doing the jive. They rock out the Jive to “Route 66.” I think they are super cute, even though their footwork leaves a lot to be desired. I am kind of a fan of this dance. Nigel, however, is not and thought Ivan looks like a little boy and that they have no chemistry. Mary loved the ending but also was not much of a fan. Mia thought it was just fake fun and not very finessed.

Natalie and Ivan are up next with their contemporary. It’s choreographed by Tyce and really doesn’t seem to land it. With all of the amazing routines out there it sort of falls flat. Natalie looks beautiful in a pink dress but that can’t save the routine. Nigel finally sees that Ivan is limited and can’t match Natalie’s emotion. Mary isn’t impressed. Mia sees no magic and thinks that Natalie is false with her emotion. Wow, Nat’s not having much of a night.


Travis’s solo is awesome technically like always; lots of turns and very contemporary. He doesn’t really change it up much, which makes me think that even though he deserves to win, he might not.

Benji and Donyelle
Benji and Donyelle are taught a Broadway routine by Tyce. Now, Tyce really is hit or miss. Tonight, it’s kind of a miss and doesn’t have the vibrancy of normal Benji routines.
Nigel thinks that Benji totally out danced Donyelle. Mary loved the performance. Mia thought that they survived on their personality but in the end Donyelle didn’t rise up to Benji’s energy.

Shane is going to bring Benji and Donyelle back full circle now to Hip Hop and popping the booty. Not as dynamic as their first routine but cute. Benji doesn’t look a little funny trying to be a “home boy.” Nigel thought it was fun and that they danced it well. Mary loved it and thinks that Benji has all the tools for success. Mia loved it and gives Donyelle props for being another big booty dancer.

Natalie had a great solo and brings back the sexy. She is such a dynamic, athletic dancer. I really am becoming a fan of hers.

Travis and Heidi will be doing the Waltz. Now, normally I find the Waltz boring but tonight it is electric between the two of them. It’s the most technically advanced Waltz we’ve seen and Heidi has beautiful extensions. Much less clunky than the other Waltzes we have seen. Nigel thinks Travis’s style works well with this dance and that Heidi is our most improved dancer. Mary thinks Heidi is sensational and that Travis finally has learned to glide across the floor. Mia is a fan of Travis, saying that he has a charisma that cannot be taught.

Heidi and Travis do an amazing Hip Hop choreographed by Wade Robson. (ie- the guy that Britney Spears allegedly slept with when she was dating Justin) It’s a funky Jungle Love number. Lots of great energy and extensions. Nigel thinks it’s the best routine of the night. They stayed together and really had some great extensions. Mary thinks they did an amazing job, that it was well danced with a sense of purpose. Mia loved the out of the box African pop idea. Heidi finally was grounded. Heidi knocked it out of the park tonight!

Ivan does his solo, for I’m guessing, the last time. It’s sad, because in his style, he is a rock star. I love his popping to a Wade Robson beat. He is really a fun, cute dancer, but is starting to be out of his element. Hopefully he will go out with a bang.

Heidi brings out the sexy in her solo. She is such a cutie and really works it so much that you forget she is essentially doing a partner routine as a solo.

Benji does his solo and it’s GAY GAY GAY. He’s just great. That’s all I can say.

Donyelle does her own passionate angry black woman routine. It’s fine, but I’m thinking technically she’s just not up to par with the rest of the dancers.

Who did America Boot?

Because of the intense heat in New York I lost power and my DVR didn’t work.

Our dancers leaving us tonight are…..

Ivan (awwww, but makes sense)
Natalie (so sad, shouldn’t have been Natalie, we don’t have any more contemporary girls)
My Favorite Whore … Vicki Redstall
By PopCultureWhore

You’ve got to love the chicks who love serial killers. Actress Victoria Redstall, whose most notable role to date has been a spokeswoman for a breast enhancement supplement, is currently romancing Wayne Adam Ford. Former truck driver Ford is on trial for the murder of several prostitutes and hitchhikers, whom he allegedly dismembered and dumped in California waterways before surrendering with one of his victim’s breasts in a ziplock baggie. Super! That’s no problem for Miss Victoria, who finds the irony of a spokeswoman for a breast supplement being in love with a murderer who has a breast fetish “hysterical.” Me too, sweetie …

First rule of thumb – stay away from guys with three names, especially if one of those names happens to be Wayne (John Wayne Gacy, anyone? Clowns are evil!!) Second, if someone has admitted to the brutal slayings of several people appears to be just as sweet as a piece of fresh apple pie on a July day, that’s called being a sociopath, not boyfriend material.

Check out little Vickie’s infomercial gold above. “I won’t sacrifice my health to get the look I want,” she purrs. Riiight.

Life Begins After GOP Donation
By PopCultureWhore


“View” co-host Elizabeth Hasselback got schooled by Barbara Walters during a discussion about over-the-counter morning after pills. Hasselback argued that life begins when sperm meets egg and the pill’s ability to prevent that fertilized egg from implanting itself on the uterine wall is akin to abortion. But then she said that the morning after pill should only be used in cases of rape or incest. But then she said that babies created out of rape or incest were still viable lives, at which point Barbara Walters leapt over the desk and told her to keep her Texas-sized trap shut. Actually, she calmed spoke to Elizabeth like she was a four-year-old and told her to “calm down.” It was beautiful. Babs probably pops those pills like candy. “The View” ladies are in high demand, you know. Watch it HERE.

Cute dress on guest co-host Lisa Loeb, though. I wonder if she’s still single? I think her problem is bad taste in men. Did you see her music producer ex-boyfriend of six years on her reality show? He was a like a low rent Mark Anthony, and that’s pretty bad. Then she went on to date a friend who resembled Pee Wee Herman. Downgrade!

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