Monday, July 31, 2006

True Love Never Dies
By PopCultureWhore

Despite her recent pledge to stay celibate for an entire year, Paris Hilton has rekindled the flame with most recent boy toy, Stavros Niarchos. The heiress dumped the Greek shipping heir in May after a seven-month fling, but true to form, she was spotted with legs akimbo at a St. Tropez bar this weekend and later proclaimed, "We're together now here. We love each other." I'd stress the "now" part rather than that little "love" section because I'm sure she also "loves" her lip gloss, that super cute purse she saw yesterday and her ratty ferret. While chatting with People mag, Paris reportedly paused to purr sweet nothings to Stavros via her cell phone. "Stav, where are you, baby?" she said. "Come on over. I love you." Super. Click HERE for more of the duo's recent activities.

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Sugar Tits Gives Good Camera
By PopCultureWhore

Heeeere's Mel! Looking his dapper anti-Semitic best, Mel poses for Sugar Tits with his bloodshot baby blues. Don't be too hard on the old guy - he has a problem. A problem that requires rehab and a 12-step program. His spokesman (who is either perusing the classified or secretly keeping TMZ in the know) says that Mel "definitely entered a program" but would not specificy which one. I think I know that "program" -- (German) keg beer and Cheetos in front of the flat screen until this all dies down.

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Snow White
By PopCultureWhore

** Kate Moss graces Vanity Fair's "Style Issue" next month. Bitch stole my outfit. (PopSugar)

** Marie Claire’s new editor is annoyed that last month’s cover girl Ashlee Simpson waxed poetic about appreciating yourself and then got herself a nose job. I guess I’d agree, except that glossy women’s magazines are not exactly beacons of reality. (NYT)

** I hope People magazine was being ironic when they discuss people “chanting along” with K-Fed’s new single after he played it four times at Las Vegas nightclub Pure. (People)

** Shakira, Madge, Christina Aguilera, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers among the nominees for the MTV Video Music Awards. Vote online at (ETOnline)

** Boy George will be picking up trash off New York City streets starting Aug. 14 as part of court-ordered community service ordered after officers found cocaine in his home. As an office mate said, “some things never change.” (PeoplePosted by Picasa
Citizen's Arrest
By PopCultureWhore

Perhaps the sanitizing of Mel Gibson’s arrest record was due in part to his service to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department over the years. Click HERE for a public service announcement Gibson did for the LA Sheriff’s Star Organization (LASSO) in which he pulls over Scott Baio (…) to thank him for his support of the department and then eschews the virtues of LASSO.

Mel: I pulled you over …
Scott: I know, I know. Because you recognize me from TV.
Mel: I never watch TV.
Scott: Not Charles in Charge …
Mel: I’m in charge here. Actually I noticed your LASSO bumper sticker and wanted to thank you for your support. Have a nice day, Chachi.
Scott: I knew you recognized me!

Ah Scott Baio. He had a brief return to TV on “Arrested Development” as Bob Loblaw. He probably spent this past weekend watching old “Charles in Charge” reruns and sobbing into his Captain Crunch, knowing that his former flame Pamela Anderson was lost to him forever. What the hell were they doing in this picture? They looked totally shocked to see the cameras.

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Bringing Trashy Back (Part 2)
By PopCultureWhore

Paris Hilton and former flame Stavros Niarchos were snapped canoodling at a club this past weekend. It’s nothing new to see Paris tramping it up and clinging to a pole, but enjoy.

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Bringing Trashy Back ...

Did we expect anything less? Congrats to the crazy kids ...

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While You Were Mowing the Lawn ...
By PopCultureWhore

** Heiress Casey Johnson, 26, of Johnson & Johnson prepared for her latest purchase – a baby girl from Kazakhstan. "I got a crib, and a changing table, and I got a car seat, and a stroller," she said. "The cutest leopard baby bikini. Oh my gosh. She is going to be dressed to kill." She was supposed to adopt a kid from Cambodia via an orphanage funded by her aunt. But that fell through after she and her aunt, 56, over a boyfriend. Perfect. (Page Six)

** Eddie Van Halen decided to contribute two songs to an adult film called “Sacred Sin” because he says director Michael Ninn “is like Spielberg to me.” (E! Online)

** Mel Gibson apologized for anti-Semitic remarks made while being arrested for DUI in California. (People)

** Pamela Anderson makes it legal (and classy) in St. Tropez. (X17)

** Lindsay Lohan's mother defends her 19-year-old daughter against an executive's tirade. Too bad she's 20 now. (People) Meanwhile, Lindsay is very concerned about the children and young kids think she's hot (X17). Posted by Picasa
Wind Beneath My Wings No More?
By PopCultureWhore

Looks like “Lost” star Naveen Andrews’ (Sayid) relationship with “Beaches” star Barbara Hershey might be on the outs, provided these shots are not from a movie set. Andrews was reportedly living with Hershey, who is 21 years his senior, in Los Angeles. The pair briefly split up a few years ago, during which time he fathered a child with another woman. X17 also reports that he got his married high school teacher knocked up when he was 16. What? Put this one in my “not doing it for me” file. I’ll take island buddies Sawyer or Jack, please.

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