Saturday, July 29, 2006

K-Fed Y'all
By PopCultureWhore

K-Fed is Steppin' Out in advance of his debut album's release. Click HERE for the full article. Or HERE for a humorous, animated take on his "first" single, PopoZao. Some eloquent gems from the interview:

On his album, Playing with Fire:
"You can look at it as the music being fire. You can also look at it as the thing I'm about are like playing with fire."

On his image:
"My image is me. I'm myself. "

His influences:
Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Phil Collins, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder

On his music:
"Miami loves it to death. I played it in clubs and everybody went crazy over it."

On his relationship with Britney:
"We found bliss between all the bullshit."

You's a Sideline Ho
By PopCultureWhore

I think I just laughed for a full two minutes while listening to Monica's new song, "Sideline Ho." The "Boy is Mine" singer told AOL Music that the ditty was inspired by a former boyfriend who cheated on her with a music video dancer. Some of the more amusing lines? "If you don't make his breakfast, you a sideline ho." If that's the case, I'm destined to be a sideline ho forever! Takeout for life!

Other signs you're a sideline ho:
- He doesn't take you to church
- He doesn't ask you to pray
- You have not met his "moms"
- You have not met his kids
- You don't have benefits, credit cards or house keys c/o Mr. Wonderful
- He doesn't pick up his phone when you call because he's making love to Monica

Listen HERE.

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Jesus, Jews and Sugar Tits
By PopCultureWhore

Is Mel Gibson heading to Beirut after he sobers up? TMZ reports that star’s DUI arrest on Friday morning was peppered with an anti-Semitic tirade and an expletive-filled verbal assault toward arresting officers. An original report says Gibson was cooperative after being pulled over for speeding on California’s Pacific Coast Highway, but a copy of an earlier report penned by Deputy James Mee describes Gibson as being “belligerent” and attempting to escape after being told he would be arrested and taken to the police station. He allegedly screamed “My life is fucked” and blamed “the Jews” for “all the wars in the world.” He then called Mee a “motherfucker” and referred to a female officer at the station as “sugar tits.”

A sergeant on duty reportedly felt that Mee’s juicy report would cause problems because the current situation in Israel is “way to inflammatory.” He did not feel the actor’s DUI arrest was worth the bad press his statements might receive. Mee was told to write a stripped down report that would be given to the press and his original report was supposed to be put in a locked safe. It was magically delivered to TMZ, however. Shocking!

Prior to the release of “Passion of the Christ,” Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson, told a radio show that he felt the Holocaust claims were exaggerated. Mel Gibson later refused to talk to Diane Sawyer about his father’s comments (“He’s my father. Gotta leave it alone, Diane”), but said he did not feel the same way, calling the Holocaust an “atrocity of monumental proportion.”

Mel Gibson seems to have become a little unhinged of late. I mean, who makes a movie entirely in Aramaic? His next movie “Apocolypto” is being filmed in the Mayan language. I’m sure that will make a box office killing after this … I’d say more, but he might smite me.

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This Weekend in Celebritydom
By PopCultureWhore

** Are TomKat going to make it legal this weekend in a secret ritual? Do we care? (Page Six)

** Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock tie the knot, but is it legal? (People and Life Style Extra)

** Paul McCartney officially files for divorce (People), while his first guitar is sold for 330,00 GBP (Reuters)

** Owen Wilson ain't taking no sass from Steely Dan (E! Online)

** Project Runway model recovers from bus accident (People)

** Maria Menounos and Vin Diesel?! (Dlisted)

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Wah Wah Wah
By PopCultureWhore

Eva Longoria is bitching to Playboy magazine about being passed over for certain roles and snubbed by famous designers in her pre-"Desperate Housewives" days. "I was turned down for the starring role in 'Dark Angel' - which went to Jessica Alba. And I was snubbed for the lead in 'Spanglish'. I auditioned to be one of the girls who escorted the wrestlers on 'Battle Dome' and didn't get it and I was fired from 'The Young and the Restless.' But I'm not bitter at all." There is also an unnamed designer who refused to dress her back in the day but is now clamoring for her to wear his duds. "When he sends clothes for free now, I send them right back."

Whatever. If you were Donatella Versace, Oscar de la Renta or even Lane Bryant and some actress who had played "flight attendant #3" on Beverly Hills 90210 and done a few forgettable stints on "General Hospital" and "Young & the Restless" wanted to wear your $50,000 dress to God knows what event she could've saddled up to in those days, would you give her the time of day? I think not. Bitch should savor the attention now because she's just a few box office duds away from a weekend "where are they now?" segment on "Entertainment Tonight."

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