Friday, July 28, 2006

Uncle Jesse Rocks Into the Weekend
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** Lance's boyfriend is proud of him. Aww. Is Clay Aiken next?

** Will Ferrell and wife Viveca are expecting baby number two. The couple have a two-year-old son Magnus.

** ER star Maura Tierney is divorcing her Backstreet Boys-esque husband of 13 years.

** Heidi Klum goes commando for Jane magazine.

** Kate Bosworth goes the way of Nicole Ritchie, minus underwear as outwear.
Who Doesn't Belong?
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The American Idol contestants took a break from slipping into obscurity to meet with President Bush on Friday. "Before we walked in," said Ace Young, "everyone was asking who voted for him. … A majority (of us) didn't. But when we walked out, every single person said, 'Wow, what a great guy!' It felt like we were just hanging out with him." They say some other patriotic apple pie bullshit HERE, so check it out if you want to vomit.
Stop Your Partying, Slut!
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THIS is allegedly a letter sent to Lindsay Lohan penned by James Robinson, CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, in which he slams the teen tartlet for being “discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional” on the set of “Georgia Rule,” produced by Morgan Creek. “We are well aware that your ongoing all night heavy partying is the real reason for your so called ‘exhaustion,’” the letter reads.

Lohan was hospitalized Wednesday for "exhaustion" but was reportedly out partying the night before and was spotted at a trendy restaurant (above) last night.

A publicist for Morgan Creek Productions told People mag on Thursday, "Lindsay reported to the set today on time. We're hoping she remains on schedule for the rest of production."
Mel Gibson Turns to the Bottle
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Looks like Mel Gibson has been nipping at the church wine just a bit too much. The “Braveheart” star was arrested Friday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI, baby!) He was pulled over for speeding around 2:30 a.m. on the Pacific Coast Highway and booked at the Lost Hills Sheriff’s station two hours later. He was cited, paid the $5,000 bail and was released. Officials said the investigation is “ongoing.” Gibson’s spokesperson did not have immediate comment. Whoopsie! I think it’s going to take 40 lashes, some locusts and some other Biblical crap to get Gibson to atone for his sins. Perhaps “Bird on a Wire 2?”

Save Me, Mike Seaver!
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I was bored this afternoon so I went over to Kirk Cameron’s psycho Christian “Way of the Master” Web site and learned that I am doomed to spend eternity at the right hand of Satan. “All liars have their place in the lake of fire!” barks Mike Seaver. Not to be outdone, sister Candace (aka DJ Tanner from "Full House") also loves the shit out of Jesus. No wonder Stephanie turned to meth.

They're right about one thing. It's definitely a better idea to watch this while high.

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FW: Bruno Makes 'Nice'
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This week on Footballers Wives ...

Lucy is horrified to find Giles at Cocoon and he acts just as surprised to see her. Yeah right. They are very public figures and he obviously knows that Lucy and Bruno own the club. There is something not quite right with Giles. While Lucy seems to believe him when he says that he had no idea this was their club, I don't. Giles agrees to leave when Bruno comes over to ban him from the club for looking at Lucy the wrong way. Lucy may think that she is covering her tracks, but Bruno is starting to pick up on the fact that something is not quite right with his wife.

The next day Lucy meets Giles for lunch. He encourages her to go back to school. She isn't used kindness and support. What she is used to is a crazy man with a violent and irrational temper. Lucy and Bruno return home around the same time. He interrogates her about the call she received (from Giles) as he was leaving for training. She claims that it was a wrong number, but when Bruno sees that she has deleted the number from her phone he questions her further. Why Lucy doesn't keep her phone on vibrate I don't know. Bruno would have no idea when anyone was calling.

Roger adamantly denies that he is having an affair. He is able to get through to Jackie, but Seb interrupts their moment of closeness and undermines the work they have done to repair their marriage. I have zero sympathy for Seb. I understand that he has issues with his father, but Jackie has been wonderful to him. Repaying her by destroying her life does not endear me to him. At training, Roger offers Hazel his resignation. Hazel refuses to accept it. The club is too far into debt to hire a new manager. Roger is still looking to get rid of Conrad and continues to undermine him to Hazel. This rivalry is random. Conrad and Roger were never best friends, but they never had the intense hatred that they now seem to have for each other. It seems forced.


At lunch Hazel, Jackie, and Amber discuss the weight that is hanging over Jackie's head. Thinking that Roger's job security is concerning her, Hazel assures Jackie that Roger isn't going anywhere. Jackie bursts into tears assuring Hazel that she is happy to hear this, but she quickly divulges to Hazel and Amber about Roger's alleged infidelity and the problems that they have been having in the bedroom. Hazel tries to tell Jackie that it is nothing, but Amber adds fuel to Jackie's fire by telling her that when Conrad was fooling around with Tanya he had very little interest in their sex life. Amber needs to mind her own damn business. Just because her and Conrad are sex fiends doesn't mean that everyone else is. Now that she has everything, she should try to help others be happy not tear apart their marriages.

At a sponsor's dinner, Amber spills everything about Jackie to Conrad. That's a friend that I want. Jackie tries to get Roger to patch things up with Conrad, but when he tries to do just that, Conrad fills Roger in on what Jackie has been saying. Furious at Jackie, Roger storms out of the dinner. Jackie returns home to find Seb, who proceeds to ply her with drinks. I would just like to take a moment here to wonder if Jackie is using her brain. Mistake Number One: Telling Amber all of her business. Mistake Number Two: Allowing Seb to liquor her up when she is clearly upset. She knows that he has some sort of twisted crush on her.

Bruno and Lucy share a romantic evening. He tells Lucy that he wants to have another child. She is tentative about it, but manages to temper his anger with sex. After Bruno falls asleep Lucy sneaks out of bed to log onto to chat with Giles. Lucy tells Giles that she needs to see him. Bruno wakes up to find Lucy gone and storms out of the bed to find her. He walks in on her on the computer and demands to know what she is doing. When Bruno looks at the computer it shows Lucy has been shopping. She claims that she couldn't sleep. He orders her back to bed. If Lucy was going to be foolish enough to chat with Giles while Bruno was asleep only a few feet away at least she had the sense to have another window open to use as a cover.

The morning after Jackie and Roger's fight, Seb goes around the house making it look as if he and Jackie had a drunken evening together. As he is doing this Roger leaves Jackie a tearful message apologizing to her. When Jackie wakes up she is led to believe by Seb that they had sex. She is devastated and demands that Roger never find out. If I were Jackie I would not have believed Seb. How often do people really black out? I'm sure I would have remembered passing out in my bed. I hope this all comes back to bite Seb in the ass. My heart breaks for Jackie, but if she had kept her mouth shut this all could have been avoided. When Roger returns home she forgives him, but you can see the cloud hanging over her head. With the season finale next week, I can't imagine that this is a secret that is going to stay buried for very long.

Lucy and Giles meet. Lucy needs to break away from Giles, but he can't let her go. He tries to get her to stand up to Bruno, but she is afraid. I'd be afraid of him too. I think that Giles is crazy, even though he hasn't showed us that yet. After much back and forth, Lucy and Giles have a tearful farewell even though it is obvious that neither one of them wants to say goodbye. Later, Giles researches Bruno on the Internet. That is the action of someone who is a little bit unhinged. At least when it happens on television.

At the match, Lucy confides in Amber that she broke things off with Giles. Jackie should clue Lucy in that Amber has a big mouth.

After the match, Roger tells Seb how proud he is of him. He wants to start fresh with his son and treat him like everyone else on the team. Seb doesn't seem to care. I don't have any sort of fondness for Roger, but it is clear that he has learned a lesson and is being genuine. Seb is unaffected. This only makes me hate him more.Lucy apologizes to Bruno for being late to the match. He apologizes for his actions and claims that he wants to change his ways because he has the most wonderful marriage and the most wonderful life. Overcome with emotion, Lucy tells Bruno how miserable she has been and he vows to make her happy. He then gives Lucy a gigantic gaudy heart necklace that she loves. She tearfully embraces him. I don't buy it for one minute. He made this transformation over the course of a match? Yeah right. I understand why Lucy wants to believe him, but wishful thinking doesn't get you anywhere.

As the team gathers to celebrate their win, Hazel informs Conrad and Amber that she is selling Conrad to Madrid. Both are livid. I'm not sure why. Maybe they love London, but Earls Park has brought them nothing but misery. They don't even really like any of their friends. It's time to move on.

Back at home Lucy calls Giles to let him know about Bruno's change of heart. She is walking the grounds on her cell phone and wearing her brand new necklace. Bruno is in the house watching the computer screen which has a tracking program running with a blip representing Lucy. That's right people. Bruno put a tracking device in the necklace he gave Lucy. He's trying to lure her into a false sense of security so that he can catch her doing something improper. His suspicions are stronger than ever and so is the crazy in his head.
Sean P Tries To Escape
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Brit and K-Fed are hitting up Las Vegas, a paradise for every pregnant woman with a nearly one-year-old son and a moron husband. Vegas papers were reporting this week that K-Fed was in talks to shoot the music video for his first single at Pure nightclub this Saturday, so perhaps this is a “business” trip for the aspiring rapper.

Click HERE for some old-school JT and Britney. Justin rocks the fro, Britney displays her acting range and Lance Bass gives us a glimpse into the future.

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Spandex: Just Say No
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I know Jake and Lance and White Trash Matt are all BFF now, but I vote for a sport the requires a more attractive ensemble. Maybe ...

Swimming ...

Hairstyling ...

Disrobing ...

Sending letter bombs?

Protecting Santa from harm ...

Getting lei'd ...

Denial Friday
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** CARMEN ELECTRA denies reports that she was JAMIE FOXX'S date at a recent Gnarls Barkley show. She says she was at home watching TV with now estranged husband DAVE NAVARRO when the alleged date was supposed to have taken place. "Dave thinks it's funny, but I'm upset because there's not one ounce of truth (to it)."

** CANDY SPELLING is also denying US Weekly reports that daughter TORI was essentially cut out of daddy AARON SPELLING'S will. "I know that based on what I know, the claims made by the magazine were ridiculous and inaccurate. That's all that can be said," according to her flack.

** MISS UNIVERSE, who had a post-crowning fainting spell, says she does not have an eating disorder. "I eat six times a day," she says. Lettuce and ice chips don't count, honey.

** Stop the presses. SCARLETT JOHANSSON is not WOODY ALLEN'S muse. "No, she's not my muse, she's a girl that I cast and I think she's great, and I thought she was funny when I made Match Point with her on the set, so I wanted to make another film," Allen says. Posted by Picasa