Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stars Need New Video Location
by PopCulturewhore

Nick Lachey must have thought Paris Hilton's "Stars are Blind" video was pretty awesome because he made basically the same video, minus grinding on a Euro trash hunk in a purple bathing suit (next time?). It's your video, can you not come up with something more interesting than a white button down and jeans? And damn straight he doesn't hate Jessica; sympathy over her pea-brained dumping this meathead is money in the bank.

Sean P's Future
By PopCultureWhore

The graphic designers at US Weekly had some time on their hands and decided to see how Hollywood's babies will look in 20 years. Sean P basically looks like Jamie Lynn Spears with a bad haircut and some facial hair. I notice they didn't try to guess at what Shiloh Jolie-Pitt might look like. The Christ child must remain under wraps lest the world be blinded by her beauty ... or something. Click HERE to witness the transformation yourself.

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Lindsay Is 'Exhausted' (Again)
By PopCultureWhore

Hanging out in Malibu with the "Pink Taco" king can be tiring. Lindsay Lohan was taken to a Los Angeles hospital early Wednesday morning because she was "dehydrated" and "overheated," according to her rep. She was given a Vitamin B shot and is expected to return to the set of "Georgia Rule" on Thursday. She must need to lose a little weight. The last time she was hospitalized for "exhaustion" she emerged as the waifish imp we've come to love.

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Auberella Ain't Having That!
By PopCultureWhore

Is Diddy planning to pop the question to long-time girlfriend Kim Porter at his upcoming White Party? Star Magazine, the bastion of truthiness, claims that Diddy will get down on bended knee at the star-studded St. Tropez affair and make an honest woman out Kim, mother of 8-year-old son Christian. His rep says “I am told it’s not true.” Diddy wouldn’t do that to his favorite Danity Kane trollop, Aubrey. He crushes her spirit on a weekly basis because to preserve the sexy and because of their love for one another. God is love and Diddy is love. Know that.

Meanwhile, occasional MTV reality star Russell Simmons (Run’s House) tells the Daily News that he and 2008 presidential hopeful John Edwards chatted it up about poverty and got down with a little yoga. "The guy runs five miles a day, but I promise you he is in pain today. At one point, I looked over at him, and he looked like he was going to die,” the hip-hop mogul says. The move earned Edwards some street cred with Simmons. “It showed that Edwards is flexible and has an open mind," he says.

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'Boondocks' DVD Keeps Dream Alive
By Patrick Griffith

What do you get when two black youths move from the south side of Chicago to the predominantly white suburbs? Hilarity on a regular basis.

“The Boondocks,” adapted from Aaron McGruder’s controversial comic strip, debuted last November on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim to minimal fanfare, but it garnered enough attention for it to attain cult status. While the show is rerunning first season episodes this summer, the fate of season two is still up in the air, but fans can catch season one antics whenever they please with the Tuesday release of the show’s first DVD set.


Maybe it’s too controversial for even Adult Swim? Maybe people aren’t interested in a cartoon with black issues? Well, if the last is the case, then people are just plain ignorant, because “The Boondocks” pokes fun at all races and their stereotypes. And that’s what makes the show hilarious. Think “Chappelle’s Show” but more consistent in delivering laughs.

The players in this program include 10-year-old Huey, an extreme leftist who wreaks havoc whenever he’s given the chance. His eight-year-old brother Riley is an ignorant gangster wannabe who causes his own share of trouble. Their Granddad (John Witherspoon of “Friday” fame) tires to keep the kids from not embarrassing him while he makes the most of his retirement. Other characters include Uncle Ruckus, an old, glass-eyed, black racist who flips the race card by hating black people and praising white people (in one episode, he makes an argument that the greatest fighters in history are white…yeah, right). Also included are the Dubois family, made up of Tom, a black lawyer, his white wife Sarah, and their daughter, Jazmine, who Huey usually pokes fun at because of her mixed race status, amongst other things.

Cameos are made by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and a couple of black-wanabee Iraqi war vets who cause more trouble than they do good (terrorizing party store owners and such). While the characters make the show hilarious, there’s also an influx of “n-bombs” being dropped throughout the show, especially by Uncle Ruckus. There’s a lot to laugh at in “The Boondocks,” which could be the best show Adult Swim has to offer. While “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” grows stale, “Family Guy” reruns grow redundant, and “Tom Goes to the Mayor” episodes get more and more annoying, “The Boondocks” is fresh, funny, and shouldn’t be missed. It’s basically what comedy should be: hilarious.
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Behold the Christ Child
By PopCultureWhore

Joke’s on you – turns out it’s Shiloh who’s fake, not Suri. Actually, this oddly frightening scene is the latest offering from Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. Despite the fact that infants grow at a rather fast clip, someone at the New York site took the time to craft a wax replica of Brad and Angelina’s angelic spawn. Precious.

Unfortunately, Maddox recently demanded that Brangelina throw Shiloh “from whence she came” (with Zahara in there for good measure), so the trio made a trek to the beach recently to rid themselves of the excess children. Maddox thought he’d be ok with siblings, but turns out homey don’t play that.

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Steely Who?
By PopCultureWhore

I think many might agree that when Steely Dan took home several top Grammy awards back in 2001, the general consensus was, “steely what now?” But one of those awards, best pop performance for “Cousin Dupree,” is now the subject of an Internet-based campaign against the Owen brothers.

In a letter posted last week to the band’s Web site, and inexplicably addressed to Owen’s brother Luke, members demand that Owen Wilson apologize for ripping off their song for the plot of his latest movie, “You, Me and Dupree.”

"He would have to cop to the fact that what he and his Hollywood gangster pals did was wrong and that he wishes he had never agreed to get involved with this turkey in the first place," the band writes.

They invited him to apologize publicly at a July 19 concert, and threw in the chance to get Steely Dan merchandise and party with the band. Um, awesome? The band’s management company declined to say whether Wilson showed up to the gig.

In the lyrics to “Cousin Dupree” a deadbeat lounges on his aunt’s couch and lusts after his young cousin. The movie stars Wilson as a deadbeat who moves in with his newlywed best friend and annoys him and his wife with his antics. Not sure if that includes Lifetime movie-esque incestuous undertones.

Owen and Luke’s publicist declined to comment.

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Luke, I Am Your White Trash Father

Matthew McConaughey takes on the force HERE.
Donna Martin Graduates (to Poor House)
By PopCultureWhore

Does Tori Spelling’s husband Dean look a little sad below? That’s because his new bride could only take home about $800,000 of her deceased father’s estimated $500 million fortune. In an uplifting little piece called “Her Mother’s Revenge,” US Weekly reports that Tori’s mother Candy has been named executor of the late Aaron Spelling’s will. Tori has only been specifically allocated $200,000 plus $600,000 worth of investments, but it’s up to Candy whether she wants to hand anything else over to her estranged daughter. The two have not been BFF of late, what with Tori accusing her mother of having an affair with a family friend, making fun of her mother on her Vh1 show and divorcing first husband Charlie after one year (and a $1 million wedding) for the married Dean McDermott. Meanwhile, Candy's manicurist will reportedly get $25,000, and their home decorator will get $50,000. Meow!

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You’re Gonna Be a Star, Honey
By PopCultureWhore

Jessica Simpson will be the first guest interviewed by Rosie O’Donnell when the comedienne makes her debut on “The View” Sept. 5. Jessica was apparently quite touched at Rosie’s encouragement when Jessica appeared on Rosie’s now defunct morning talk show. "When Jessica was just starting out, none of the big shows were interested in her, but Rosie took a chance on her and Jessica never forgot it," says a source (cough, Joe Simpson). Years ago, Rosie went backstage and told Jessica, “You’re going to be a star.” What the hell else is she going to say to an aspiring pop star? “That was good but I need more jazz hands?” Jessica’s new album conveniently debuts a week earlier on Aug. 29.

Tearin' Up My Heart
By PopCultureWhore

Dozens of girls will have their dreams crushed today. Former N’Sync member Lance Bass is gay. "I knew that I was in this popular band and I had four other guys' careers in my hand, and I knew that if I ever acted on it or even said (that I was gay), it would overpower everything," he tells People magazine. The 27-year-old is now dating Reichen Lehmkuhl (below), who recently won Amazing Race. He is also developing an Odd Couple-esque show with Joe Fatone of N’Sync. Can’t wait for that one …

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