Friday, July 21, 2006

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I Take It Back
By PopCultureWhore

These two probably have WAY more STDs than Fred Durst.

That didn't seem to deter a member of the Tonight Show audience last night. Dessarae Bradford jumped on stage when Colin Farrell came out to chat with Jay Leno and demanded that the Irish actor stop stalking her. "I'll see you court," she screamed as security dragged her off stage. "You're insane, "Farrell reportedly replied.

He later appeared with Jamie Foxx at the "Miami Vice" premiere, where he announced that everything was "all good" after a stint in rehab earlier this year.

Remember when he had that two second fling with Britney Spears? He's kind of like the rich man's K-Fed, so it makes sense. I don't think she could understand his accent so they just made out until the waitress brought over the next round.

Jamie Foxx, meanwhile, announced recently that he would partake in 100 lap dances if he made it to his 100th birthday. Awesome.

Like Sands Through the (DNA) Hour Glass
By SoapOperaWhore

The gloved hand on Days of our Lives that switched Mimi and Belle's eggs has thrown Phillip, Belle, Mimi, and Shawn's lives into chaos! Belle is pregnant with her and Shawn's baby, and Mimi's surrogate is pregnant with Mimi and Phillip's baby!

Mimi and Phillip are most concerned because they know that Shawn and Belle have the undying love that will never go away even when they are with other people. The immediate reaction is that this is going to bring Belle and Shawn back together. Belle insists that this changes nothing in their marriages, but Phillip wants both women to have abortions. Belle refuses, causing Phillip to jump to the conclusion that the she wants to keep the baby because it is Shawn's, but had this been a stranger she would have had an abortion

Who is behind this gloved hand that is wreaking havoc in Salem??? The conclusion that many fans and industry insiders alike are jumping to is that Stefano Dimera is going to once again put Salem under his reign of terror. Lending credence to this theory is the recent departure of Joseph Mascolo from the Bold and the Beautiful, where he has played Massimo Marone since August of 2001. He joined the cast of B&B after vacating the nearly twenty year role of Stefano Dimera on Days.

The latest buzz, however, has veered away from Stefano Dimera and towards… Jan Spears. Word is that Days had planned to bring Jan Spears back to Salem in the form of the devilishly delightful Heather Lindell, but now that James Reilly is on his way out as head writer and Hogan Sheffer is on his way in there may be some storyline re-shuffling that would alter the identity of the gloved trouble maker.

It could always turn out to be Tony.


In casting news, Matthew Ashford has been let go from the role of Jack Devereaux. With Melissa Reeves exiting the role of Jennifer once her contract comes to an end in the fall, expect to see Jack and Jennifer ride off into the sunset together after he is cured of the mysterious illness that has been plaguing him for months. How their story ends is all speculation, but these are characters Days wants to have alive and well in a far off location in case they are ever needed back on the canvas. No word yet on what the departure of Jack and Jennifer means for Billy Warlock's Frankie Brady. Since his return to Salem he has been inextricably linked to the couple as Jack positioned Frankie to be there to comfort Jennifer when he died.

On July 21st Jared Stevenson joins the cast of Passions in the contract role of Jared Casey, a sexy young executive who will catch the eye of Theresa. Is this the guy that is finally going to help her get over her psychotic obsession with Ethan??? Even if he manages to distract Theresa for a time, I doubt that anyone has the power to ever completely get Ethan out of her mind.

All My Children
AMC is continuing its contract player frenzy by signing Brent Weber to the contract role of Jackson's nephew, Sean Montgomery.

The Young and the Restless is bringing the character of Billy Abbot back to the canvas in the form of daytime newcomer Scott Seymour. The character has been off the canvas since 2003 when he married his first cousin Mackenzie Browning. The revelation led to the dissolution of their never consummated marriage, but in the age of Guiding Light's kissing cousins Tammy and Jonathan and what was thought to be incestuous love affair of Passion's Chad and Whitney it doesn't seem like such a controversial storyline.
Things I Don't Need To See
By PopCultureWhore

This week's "Things I Don't Need to See" is brought to you courtesy of Jessica Simpson's new video, A Public Affair, available HERE.

Ryan Seacrest ...

Andy Dick licking Jessica Simpson ...

Jessica Simpson licking Andy Dick ...

Jessica Simpson AND Christian Milian licking Andy Dick

Kelly Bundy ...


Jessica battling her demons ...

Jessica's "O" face ...

Um yeah ...

We get it ...

Don't give me that look ...

Bitch, Please
By PopCultureWhore

This is getting ridiculous. Naomi Campbell showed up at her boyfriend’s home in London around 4 a.m. last week and demanded that he hand over belongings she had left at his home. He refused to let her crazy ass inside the house and instead called the cops. They arrested her for disturbing the peace, but later “de-arrested” her and she was allowed to gather her things from the man’s home. Again I say, lock her up! Why would you “de-arrest” a woman who has three pending abuse cases against her in the U.S. and caused upwards of $50,000 worth of damage to someone’s yacht after flying into a rage? I seriously would like to organize a vacation to London, break into her house, steal a few things, smash some jewelry and break the heels off some stilettos to show her what’s what. I’m sure I’d be “de-arrested” in the end anyway. Right?

Does She Have Health Insurance?
By PopCultureWhore

Someone wants to make an honest man out of Fred Durst. The Limp Bizkit frontman and occasional amateur porn star will marry a “wonderful girl named Krista from Rhode Island,” he writes on his MySpace (trendy!) page. He met Krista Salvatore while directing his first film (not porn), The Education of Charlie Banks, in Providence, R.I. IMDB describes this cinematic gem as “a coming of age tale that spans from the playgrounds of lower Manhattan to the idyllic greens of Vassar College. Set during the eighties, it is a story about change, inevitability, and mostly, about facing one's fears.” I believe one of those fears is waking up naked next to Fred Durst and wondering what STD’s you have contracted. Godspeed Krista.