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Blast From the Airhead Past
By Lakshmi Kalimireddi

After getting canned from "The View" Debbie Matenopoulos didn't just shut up and go away like we hope Star will. With the TV Guide Channel, "Good Day Live" and now at E!'s "The Daily 10," Deb's made quite a career for herself by talking into the camera. Even though she didn't leave "The View" on the best of terms ( Walters called her an "airhead blond"), the gals have asked her back for a brief, but ratings driven stint as guest host. Also booked to join the madness as guests hosts are American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler, "Extra" correspondent Tanika Ray, Robin Givens, Mo'Nique and Shannen Doherty.

BB All Stars: Strategery Abounds
By SoapOperaWhore

The episode opens with the house all abuzz from Danielle and Alison's nominations. Danielle feels the need to point out yet again that during her time on Big Brother 3 she wasn't once nominated. All good things must come to an end. It's your turn. Danielle and Alison decide to find out Jase and Janelle's motivations for the nominations. They played too hard, too fast. Danielle wasn't even on Janelle's radar until she came up with her plan to have Jase disagree with Janelle as a way to get the two of them on the block and evict Janelle.

Alison cannot stop talking about how much she hates Janelle. She just keeps giving me reasons to hate her. You cannot be hating on my girl Janelle and expect to have me in your corner. It appears that Alison's sole reason for wanting to stay in the house is to evict Janelle. This is where the houseguests start to get sloppy. They become more concerned with getting revenge on someone who has wronged them rather than doing what is best for them in the game.

I'm surmising that the strategizing and scheming hasn't hit full force yet because a whole segment is devoted to Chicken George's inability to find the diary room. Why did they let this man into the game again? If they really felt like they needed to bring someone back from the first season they should have contacted Josh or Brittany. George is just out of his league. Yes, some of the players seem to think that he is faking that. I'm not of that school of thought.


Janelle, James, and Howie have a strategy session in the bathroom. They know that the house is gunning for them. In one of her diary room sessions, Janelle tells us that the Big Brother 6 may not have been together from the beginning but they are now because the house is coming after them. Yeah right. James, Kaysar, Howie, and Janelle all knew that they were going to be voted into the house. I don't have a doubt in my head that they formed an alliance. Later, in the head of household room Erika, Marcellas, and Janelle discuss who is going to be evicted. Erika and Marcellas each want Alison and Danielle evicted respectively, but they are basing that on grudges. Alison is the person to get out of the house. Marcellas just needs to get over his hatred of Danielle. Alison is the bigger physical threat. Danielle doesn't win any challenges and everyone is already wise to the way that she plays the game. Alison needs to go while the opportunity is there. Additionally, I'm convinced that Marcellas and Danielle have a secret alliance. I don't have any proof, but it is a vibe that I'm getting. I think that they hate each other a little bit too much.

It's time for more filler as we are treated to segments on George snoring and the houseguests making their own slip and slide. Spare me.

The veto competition has changed. This year the houseguests who participate are as follows: the head of household, the nominees, and then players randomly selected from the spinning of the wheel. This is Big Brother's way of eliminating the back door strategy. These houseguests are a crafty bunch. They will just come up with another way to be sneaky. Kaysar and George are picked to compete with the heads of household and the nominees. Mike "Boogie" is made the host of the competition. Why? Why? Why? The man already gets too much screen time as it is. Must we encourage his out of control ego by putting him the spotlight? The competition involves the six houseguests rummaging through the Big Brother dump, which contains the remnants of past competitions from all six seasons to find six vetoes. The catch is that houseguests have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches poured all over them, followed by the hair from the drains of past big brother season (as if that is something that they kept just in case they would need it), and finally a mixture of rancid food and water. Each of the players seems horrified, particularly Danielle, at what is covering them. Not George. He seems as happy as can be having these disgusting concoctions poured all over him. What is the matter with this man???? Seriously. This is not something that you should be enjoying. It is disgusting.

Danielle, Kaysar, and Janelle take an early lead but ultimately Janelle comes out on top. That girl knows how to win a competition!

There is a lot of back and forth over the use of the veto. The plan that is most seriously considered is removing Danielle from the block and replacing her with Dr. Will. At the veto ceremony Janelle reveals that she is going to leave the nominations as they are.


It's eviction day!!!! Before we get to that we have the obligatory strategy segment. Alison is aligning herself with Diane and Nakomis while Danielle assures Janelle that she isn't after the BB6 alliance. Jase, Boogie, and Will want to keep Alison because she will fight Janelle for them.

Alison spends her time doing some hardcore campaigning. She thinks that she is extremely clever. She is sure that James isn't really aligned with the Big Brother 6 crew, when in fact he is more with them now than he ever has been. Janelle and Erika are once again trying to convince Marcellas to vote out Alison. He is still resistant to this, almost too resistant. I have no proof, but I'm standing by my theory that Danielle and Marcellas have a secret alliance going. It makes sense or at least if they were playing a smart game it would make sense. Danielle has yet to really show the fire that she had during Big Brother 3. I would like to think that is because she has this secret up her sleeve.

Julie goes through the chit chat portion of the evening with the houseguests. She talks about Howie's man crush on Will and George's snoring. For the most part the conversations between Julie and the houseguests are a waste of time. Later, Julie talks with Jase in the head of household room. She comments that he has matured. He lets her know that he has learned his lesson from his time on Big Brother 5. He isn't going to be a big personality rather he is going to wait for the other big personalities to implode. He is only going to win competitions when it is necessary and is playing both sides of the house. Jase confirmed to Julie that he wants Janelle out. I am much more partial to this Jase than the Jase of Big Brother 5. I would have been totally for him joining the BB6 alliance, but with a comment like that all he is doing is moving himself up on my personal eviction list. Yet another threat to the core four that needs to be dealt with.

Julie then talks to Janelle. Janelle divulges that the Big Brother 6 alliance is very strong, but she trusts Kaysar and Howie more than she trusts James. Smart, but Howie is running around like a lunatic. James is probably a better ally than Howie.

An entire segment is devoted to Alison's current boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend Justin, who appeared on Big Brother 4 with her. They are trying to show us the two sides of Alison: the nice girl vs. the girl who will do anything to win. I hate these segments. They are obviously filler. I would rather see more footage of the houseguests plotting and scheming.

We have only been privy to four of the votes: Diane and Nakomis voted to evict Danielle while George and Kaysar voted to evict Alison. They love to do this to us. Show us only a couple of the votes to make it appear as if it was very close. Diane and Nakomis were the only ones to even give Alison votes. By a vote of 8-2 Alison was evicted from the Big Brother house. THANK GOD!

It would have been a travesty against nature if Danielle had been evicted from the game week one leaving Alison to play and wreak havoc on the Big Brother 6 alliance. Alison plasters a smile on her face as she walks out of the house but you can see the inner demon wanting to break through. She is pissed and wants to go on a rampage, but she is trying to convince America that she has changed and has nothing but love in her heart. I don't buy it. I think that she is the same Alison that she was during Big Brother 4, but she knew that she couldn't show that side of herself right away or it would get her evicted. Looks like it didn't matter.

Alison chalks her eviction up to the fact that she has grown up and matured. Really? You matured? I believe that you called Janelle every name in the book because she nominated you for trying to get her out of the house. Julie Chen being the hard hitting reporter that she is asks her just these questions. Alison backpedals and has the audacity to say that she would probably be friends with Janelle on the outside. Are you kidding me? If you don't like the girl then you don't like her. Own it.

Not only do Thursdays bring us evictions, but they also bring the head of household competition. Thursday is the day that this game could go anywhere because the power is up for grabs as Julie likes to say. A new faction of the house can easily come into control. This week's competition was called Alison Rules. The house guests had to answer whether they thought Alison had answered True or False to certain questions about the remaining houseguests. Everyone got everything right until question 4 when all but Nakomis and Kaysar were eliminated. At this point I'm literally on the edge of my seat because I know that if Nakomis wins HOH she is going to nominate Kaysar and Janelle. That is the plan that seems to be running through the house. Things could change, but for the moment they are the targets. Thankfully, Kaysar got the fifth question right, and Nakomis did not. Julie, in perhaps the first mistake I have ever seen her make, announced Nakomis as the HOH but quickly backpedaled.

Howie went NUTS when Kaysar won. He knocked both Kaysar and Janelle to the ground in his excitement. I know it's a relief to know that you aren't going to be nominated, but you can't let your emotions get the better of you. Howie is not playing a very good game. James knows it. Howie is getting under James's skin more and more with each day. Howie is the weakest player of the BB6 alliance. When the time comes for them to cut loose one of their own Howie is the one that they should get rid of, but Kaysar and Janelle are both loyal so that may make it hard for them to cut him loose.

For another week Big Brother 6 retains control of the house. Is all this power going to go to their heads? Is it going to motivate the other houseguest to win all of the challenges and deal with this powerhouse???

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