Sunday, July 09, 2006

Britney Hates Us!
By PopCultureWhore

Before Britney recorded "Me Against the Music" producers brought her a song called "Pop Culture Whore" but she rejected it! What? Are we not good enough for you!? Apparently "she was looking not for an ironic acknowledgment of her status as a product — that’s something Madonna would do — but for a song that dramatizes her struggle to define herself apart from her image." Right, so rather than doing something Madonna would do, you call her in for a duet.

I wanna get in the zooooone.
Can I Change Your Oil?
By PopCultureWhore

Denise Richards looks like she's trying out for Danity Kane in this gas station photoshoot (classy). Rising gas prices call for desperate measures. Free homewrecker with every tank of premium gas!

Who Cares Wedding Weekend
by PopCultureWhore

Slow news weekend means dish on reality star weddings.

Brigitte Nielsen married her fifth husband this weekend - for the second time. Nielsen, previously "involved" with rapper and clock afficianado Flavor Flav, married 28-year-old Italian model (if you say so) Mattia Dessi in Malta. The two held a ceremony last year in the Dominican Republic (pictured above), but it was invalid since Brigitte, 43, was not officially divorced from fourth husband at the time. Nielsen was married to Sylvester Stallone at one point and has a son with Mark Gasinteau, who also spawned Britny of "Gastineau Girls" fame.

Meanwhile, former Apprentice contestant Jennifer Murphy, the one who continually mispronounced the movie "Zathura" during a presentation on the film, married the dentist from Extreme Makeover, Bill Dorfman. He also gave Jessica Simpson a root canal on an episode of "Newlyweds" and went on a date with Teri Hatcher. Fun! People reports that 27-year-old Murphy met 47-year-old Dorfman in 2004 at a Miss USA pageant when she was Miss Oregon. They were married at Trump National Golf Club in California.

Finally, former Survivor (Palau and Guatemala) Stephanie La Grossa married her high school sweetheart this weekend in New Jersey. I don't watch this show and the two look like trash, so let's move on.