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Midgets, Golf Clubs, Balloons
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“Making the Band 3” recap coming up soon. But first, here’s a hilarious parody of “Making the Band 2” from Dave Chappelle for old time's sake. Come back to us Dave. Please?
Existential Crap
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Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder will star in the partially animated "A Scanner Darkly," which is based on Philip K. Dick's (Blade Runner, Total Recall) personal experience with drugs.

Director and co-writer Richard Linklater also produced the existential crapfest "Waking Life." I saw it years ago in an indie DC theater and had to suppress the urge to strangle myself with Twizzlers halfway through. It was basically two hours of cartoon characters having philosophical conversations with one another. They weren't interesting conversations, however, but more like comments you'd get from a college friend after he'd consumed a 40 and watched too much IFC. Vomit. Sample its minutae above.

A Cure for the Munchies
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Stoners rejoice! The city of Amsterdam will soon be home to a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" theme park. The $26 million endeavor is being funded by the city of Amsterdam and construction company BAM and will debut in two to three years. Reuters reports that officials are using an abandoned railway tunnel (ambiance!) for the park, which will feature a glass elevator and a chocolate fountain and produce small amounts of chocolate. The pic above is an artist's rendering of how "De chocolade fabriek" will look upon completion.
Slutface and 'The Geek'
by PopCultureWhore

Anthony Michael Hall has high standards. He wants Paris Hilton to star in his next movie, "Life and Death in Las Vegas." Let's hope emphasis is on the latter. Hall, of Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club fame, has apparently graduated to director status after starring in such films as Freddy Got Fingered and a handful of Law & Order:SVU and Touched by an Angel episodes. "I want her to do what she does in The Simple Life, which is play herself," he says.


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Urkel Would Be Proud
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Jaimee Foxworthy appeared on Oprah last week to discuss her role as Judy Winslow on “Family Matters” and her descent into porn thereafter. Makes sense! Oprah was having none of that and asked her how she goes from child actress to porn. “Haven’t you heard of McDonalds,” she asked. “Waitressing?” Ironically, Jaimee did start out at McDonalds, but in commercials, as shown in the 20/20 interview above. It’s done by Martin Bashir, who famously produced the bizarre Michael Jackson interview years ago.

On getting back into acting:

Jaimee: This is me. There's real-life stories out there of girls who are being prostitutes. There's real-life stories of girls that take drugs. There's young girls who smoke and drink. That's a perfect part for me!
Martin: That's not acting, that's real life. And you'd like to do that.
Jaimee: I'd like to do that.

Shiloh Novel Jolie-Pitt Rossdale?
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Angelina's looking to add some O.C. and British blood to her United Nations clan. These are apparently shots of Gwen Stefani and son Kingston having a playdate with Angelina, Brad and Shiloh, but based on the quality of the shots, it could also be three people fleeing a jungle trailer park fire.

The Rossdales at the market ...

(Source) and (Source)
Superman Returns With Fluffy Fare
By Joanna Champion

Superman has finally returned! After a much anticipated opening, Brandon Routh has swooped into theaters with Kate Bosworth (Lois Lane) and Kevin Spacey (Lex Luther) to recreate the Superman legend. The question is...should we believe the hype?

The movie isn't going to win any Oscars, probably not even for visual effects, a standard guaranteed nomination for most superhero movies. But the slams it's getting in the reviews may not be entirely fair. It's a nice fun summer movie that is certainly not up to par with last year’s Batman Begins, but it deserves a look and probably the price of a movie ticket. The movie's strength really lies in its supporting cast since Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth both seem like they were a little sleepy during filming. Superman was just kind of...blah. Lackluster. Lacking panache. But what do you expect when you cast someone in a huge film after he's only done soap opera work? And Lois Lane was boring as hell in this film - I want to shake America and say, "I know her different colored eyes are cool, but come on, Kate Bosworth should not continue to be cast in movies!"

As I said, it's all about supporting cast. I don't think Kevin Spacey could act badly if he tried (to be fair, I haven't seen K-Pax) and Parker Posey steals every scene as Kitty Kowalski. Coming from an independent comedy background (Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show), it's no surprise her timing is flawless. These two have fantastic chemistry and prove that an endless special effects and advertising budget are not always what makes a hit movie.

Overall, go see Superman - enjoy the good acting, roll your eyes during the bad, and remember the plot so you can understand the sequels this is sure to spawn.

Blue Tights Equal Big Box Office Returns (E! Online)
My Favorite Whore ... Milky
By PopCultureWhore

Poor little milk carton from Blur's "Coffee and TV" video. Pay attention to him! I'm a sucker for inanimate objects with cute faces or talking animals. I'm on the fence about the Geico gecco, though. He's getting a little uppity.

Corddry Adds To 'Daily Show' Clan
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"Daily Show" correspondent Rob Corddry and wife Sandra welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sloane. People reports that she was born Monday morning in New York City. "She is showing signs of early genius," a Corddry rep says. "The family is happy, healthy and hungry." The comedian told People earlier this year that he wanted a girl and was "really looking forward to having tea parties and playing with pandas."

January inteview with Corddry here.
I Ain't Saying She A Golddigger
By SoapOperaWhore

This week on Footballers Wives, Shannon is on a quest to amass as much fame as possible by signing herself and Harley up for a Newlyweds-style documentary show. It takes everything Harley has in him not to grab Shannon by the hair and toss her out the window.

Conrad is continuing his pathetic attempt to win back Amber after the Tanya baby debacle. For you Footballer's Wives newbies the short version is as follows: Conrad dumped Amber, who turned out to be preggers with his baby, for Tanya, who was preggers with either Conrad's baby or her dead husband Frank's. Using drugs, Tanya induced Amber's birth and then scheduled a c-section for herself. She had the babies switched to ensure the paternity of the baby she was claiming as her own was Conrad's. Amber's baby, who was actually Tanya's, was smothered by Amber's dog. Tanya shed about half a tear and then did all she could to keep the baby secret. She was ultimately exposed by Amber for the crazy baby switching bitch that she is.


Amber and Conrad didn't call the cops because Tanya had plenty of debacuherous dirt on them, but forced her to leave England. This is sad for us because no one is more fantastically devilish than Tanya Turner. Conrad is spineless and now wants Amber. She is just as pathetic as Conrad because after being dumped and humiliated, she has made it a question of when and not if she takes Conrad back.

Meanwhile, Amber needs a new project: becoming a singing sensation. Her agent laughs in her face, and tells her to milk her Conrad connection for all that it is worth. Under the delusional pretense that people care more about her talent than her salacious life, she vows to never use Conrad and to do it on her own. Dumb bitch is what I like to call her.

On the other side of Earl's Park, Roger, who was actually born without the ability to think of anything but football, will not ease up on his son, Seb, who just joined the team. Wife Jackie tries to defend Seb, but we all know that he doesn't even pretend to listen to her. Why is Jackie even around anymore?

In his neverending pathetic quest to win Amber back, Conrad offers to help Amber with her singing career but, like a moron, she refuses. Days later she magically gets a call from her agent that one of the hottest music video directors wants her for his new video, "Bhangara Bootie.” Sure to be an instant classic.

Amber gushes to Lucy and Hazel about her new career move, but all Lucy wants to know is when Amber is going to get back together with Conrad. Lucy Milligan whose psychotic husband burns her clothes when she leaves the house without his permission, emotionally annihilates her, and slaps her around in front of their child, is the last person to be giving relationship advice. You know Tanya would not be putting up with that.

Amber returns home to find an elaborate congratulatory dinner set up by Conrad, who is wearing the same outfit as son Phoenix. That's right, they changed the perfectly good name of Troy that Tanya gave him to Phoenix. Amber is touched and kisses Conrad but qualifies it with her desire to take things slow. Better it be to a grinding halt as far as I'm concerned.

The road to reconciliation is going far too well so when Conrad leaves Amber's he makes a call to someone. Hmmm...wonder who. He says "make it look good and like it has nothing to do with me." Could Conrad have bought Amber's new career as a singer? Never! Why would he be so dumb as to do exactly what she doesn't want when he is trying to get into her good graces.

Darius tries to show Seb a night on the town, but Roger comes storming into the club to fetch his son. Enraged, Seb then decides to walk home on his moral high ground because all that he drank was orange juice. Walking home from God knows where punishes no one but Seb. Not his father. Seb is shaping up to be a hate to hate character. I mock Amber and Conrad because I love them.
Darius takes some groupie home, but is having some erectile dysfunction issues. He gets hostile and tosses the girl out, but I cannot buy this twelve year old as some oversexed, belligerent drunk. He is playing grownup and not very well. Has he even hit puberty?

Shockingly Amber is a horror to work with on set, and the director looks like he wants to stuff her down a trash compactor. Conrad manages to cool her down until this bitch, who 24 hours earlier was begging for a job, tries to fire the director. Yet another foray into the delusional world of Amber. The director spills everything about Conrad buying her career causing Amber to fly into a rage at Conrad, who smooth talks her into realizing that using him as a foot in the door actually gives her a chance. She is the one who has to prove herself, and he knows that she can. I threw up in my mouth a little bit. At least Amber finally got a damn clue and went back to work.

Noah, the one time homosexual, sadly finally appears in his crock of an "I'm now heterosexual" support group wondering why the group doesn't use aversion therapy. The group leader is frantic because A.) he is using Noah to bankroll his cult and B.) has his daughter, Bethany, dating Noah to get to the rest of his money. He explains to Noah that being gay is a state of mind that can be changed and such drastic measures as aversion therapy aren't necessary. Hazel needs to kick this guy's ass and Noah's while she is at it. I'm tired of this whining.

After group the leader congratulates Noah on his engagement to Bethany. Trouble is, they aren't engaged. He and Bethany only had a brief conversation about possibly being married in the future. I can see this scam from a mile away. Noah is going to be penniless with no sympathy from me.Shannon and Harley's show airs but no one calls to congratulate them. Sometimes Shannon wants to be liked so badly my heart breaks for her. I have a soft spot in my heart for Harley and Shannon but then....

Darius decides to show up at their house drunk to beg forgiveness. The guilt of raping Katie is eating away at him, but since Katie wanted no cops Harley, Katie and Shannon are the only ones who know the truth. These are the situations in which Harley and Shannon share a brain. Shannon wants no part of Darius, but Harley has some sort of deranged sympathy for Darius even though he clearly is in love with Katie which makes him look at Shannon with more and more disdain everyday. Tonight Shannon has the brain, but Harley is comforting to Darius and sends him on his way to calm down and sober up.

In an attempt to mimic the emotions other humans have, Roger tells Seb that he is doing a good job. He puts him on the bench for the game, which opens the possibility of play in the game. That becomes reality when Roger and Harley, who is stupidly looking on with pity, find Darius in his uniform sobbing under a running shower. Cry me a river. Maybe you should have listened when Katie said no.

Seb does great in the game but his jaw hits the floor when he hears that it is time for a random drug test. Conrad is chosen, but Roger notices the horror in his son's eyes. Later at home, Seb admits to Roger that he has been taking drugs to enhance his endurance. Seb falls to the ground sobbing, and Roger can't seem to stand anymore as he falls against the door. Are you kidding me? Seb has been taking these things for like a week. It is hardly the end of the damn world. Get a grip.

Bethany wants to announce her and Noah's engagement at Cocoon at the screening of Amber's new video, but Noah says he wants to go home and be alone. This translates into him watching gay porn and stapling his arm when he gets aroused. This boy couldn't be more stupid. Maybe he will get tetanus. That would be a storyline that I would like to see

Amber's song is screened and it is terrible, but Amber and the director pretend to get along splendidly for the press. Shannon is jealous of Amber's video, and still doesn't understand why she can't break that inner circle. Immigration shows up at the Cocoon to arrest the illegal immigrants that Lucy and Bruno have working in the kitchen. How were they exposed? During Shannon’s documentary, of course, when she was too dense to realize mentioning illegal immigrants on camera might not be the best way to go. Harley had the brain that day. Lucy and Bruno got dragged to the police station and Bruno gives Shannon one hell of a glare.

Next week....

Amber and Conrad's road to reconcilation takes a twisted turn, and Bruno's temper once again emerges.

Crazy-Eyed Ben & A Little Sass
By Tiffany Westlie

To kick off the recap, I present a little old-school Brian Friedman and the day his flat-iron revolted ... this week in the judge's circle: Nigel, Mary and hip-hop ladies Cicely and Olisa …aka, Sass-tastic!

Ashlee and Ben
This week they pick hip hop and they are SO EXCITED. Ben is going to learn this by wearing a big hoodie because it makes you “street.” When they dance Ashlee finally shows us why she is here. While she is “hot hot hot” crazy eyed Ben looks lost and confused. Ben ain’t hip hop but the judges don’t seem to care. Lord, they like them this week…he just won’t go away.

Heidi and Ryan
They are going to Cuban Rumba! While Ryan is his usual apathetic self, Heidi is excited because she knows this dance. Oh no Heidi, this ain’t the Rumba that you are used to. This is Afro-Rumba…it’s about sex and chemistry, which is exactly what this couple doesn’t have. Nonetheless, Ryan gets into it playing the bongo on Heidi’s booty and they finish off the dance by Ryan carrying Heidi over to the judges. This is his subliminal way of saying “Yes guys, I really do want to bone her.” It’s awkward but the judges are buying it.


Dmitry and Aleksandra
I feel really sorry for Dmitry because he keeps getting paired with boring dancers. Aleksandra looks super excited as usual to be doing the waltz…this girl needs something to perk her up. They are pretty cute dancing together…regal and well-matched. Nigel says that Dmitry is a special dancer…oh yes he’s special. He tells Aleksandra that she has no soul, which hits the nail on the head, and Mary agrees. Sasstastic profess their love for Dmitry.

Ivan and Allison
Well since they sucked it up doing ballroom last time it’s a little unnerving that they pick Argentine Tango. Ivan looks terrified. He’s thinking it could really go either way. Allison is sexing it up in her red dress and Ivan is trying to be suave. Oddly enough it goes really well. Nigel loves Allison in quite a creepy way. Mary gives him a Mary Scream! What an honor.

Benji and Donyelle

These two aren’t really sure what “pop jazz” entails, but boy do they have “chemistry.” Unfortunately, it’s the kind of chemistry I have with my gay roommate. Brian Freidman, aka the Britney Spears dance guy, choreographs the duo. Donyelle is supposed to be a hot supermodel and Benji the DJ that is coveting her. Oh this sounds really plausible. It comes off a little dirty and wrong. Benji works the faux-hawk and black eyeliner, which makes him look real masculine. The dance however is totally on point. I’m constantly amazed by these two. After the dance, Benji walks over to her like he really wants her, and giggles. Uh huh. Nigel calls them “champagne and caviar.” Mary in all her faux-Paula glory babbles with excitement and Sasstastic calls Donyelle a “transformer”.

Natalie and Musa
The Prom King and Queen will now be doing…quick step. What? Poor Musa, he has yet to do something he actually knows how to do. During their rehearsal, they bring out a bar to help Musa. This kid really is working his butt off to make these dances work. He looks a little stiff but he really puts his heart into it. I have a new theory that when dancers are a little mismatched with their ability they just have the girl drop down into the splits to finish it off. Nigel comments that Musa’s footwork does leave a lot to be desired but he really is a hard worker. Mary says Mr. Musa has a lot of style and Sasstastic just thinks he is dead sexy. I agree and I have a feeling Natalie does as well.

Jessica and Jaymz
This contemporary dance is supposed to be about a battling relationship. Brian Friedman is not feeling Jaymz and calls him a “competition kid.” Ohhhh…he told him. They dance to “Let Go,” which is a beautiful song but the dance is pretty much a lot of running around the stage and waving their arms around. Jessica looks fluid and Jaymz is just starting to look pretty bad. Nigel loved their freedom, Mary thinks they put the W in Wonderful (uggs).

Travis and Martha
The favorites of the competition will be doing a hip hop combo by Tod Sams. They totally whore Martha out in little daisy duke shorts. They have nutty chemistry and one would actually believe that Travis wants a piece of Miss Martha. The routine, on the other hand, is boring. Travis is hitting the hip-hop hard but Miss Martha is just smooth and fluid. Nigel thinks they had two different styles and that they are no longer the front-runners in this competition. Mary says that tonight they didn’t hit a homerun and Sasstastic wanted Travis to smooth it out.

Thursday, Dance for Your Life

Bottom Three?

Ashlee and Ben
Jessica and Jaymz
Dmitry and Aleksandra

Not shocking. For the dance offs, Ashlee is wearing her little suit and doing her popping routine that she has been waiting to do for the past three weeks. She is a great showman…loving her little dance. Crazy-eyed Ben is runs around the stage, but his energy was lame, I want him to leave…now. Jessica the ballerina does a cute routine to “Fever.” Jaymz opts for a weird, frantic routine and falls out of his turns and off the stage. Not so much dynamic but annoying. Aleksandra the little anemic is going to run around and be annoying. Super boring and limited. Dmitry goes up tonight and works it like the Chippendales dancer he’s meant to become. Tonight he hasn’t even tried to button his shirt. As a ballroom dancer he really can do a fun solo and he ends it in quite a provocative pose with his pelvis in the air. Oh my…yes Dmitry yes.

Judges deliberate, drum roll please….

Ashlee- safe!
Jessica- safe!
Aleksandra- Buh Bye!! (Thank the lord)
Dmitry- safe!
Jaymz- safe! (next week hopefully he is gone)
Ben- Buh bye!

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Fatherhood NOT Agreeing With Ben Affleck
By PopCultureWhore

Actually, I have no idea who this guy is with Mary Kate Olsen, but that was my first thought. Popsugar also has some shots of her upcoming Bazaar cover, presumably to banish all memory of a pregnant, nude Britters.

Watch Your Back Susan Lucci
By SoapOperaWhore

Heads are rolling at All My Children. Jill Larson (Opal) and Tonya Pinkins (Livia) have been released from their contracts over at All My Children. The move is probably because AMC will add five new contract players to their ranks and executives want to trim the fat. Unfortunately what they don't seem to realize is that they are bringing on useless characters and getting rid of the ones that people actually care about. Technically these two actresses are now on recurring status, but that is the line that these shows throw out to the fans when they fire the people that they actually want to see on their screens every day. New and young does not equal better. I would like to see Opal or Livia any day over some nubile model in a bikini or some toned hunk giving me nothing in which to invest.

Every decision that is being made over there is just another step in the wrong direction for All My Children, and yet they continue the madness. Is someone running around the offices bludgeoning people with a club knocking any ounce of sense that they have about them.


Ambyr Childers debuts today as Colby Chandler. The girl was born in 1999, do we really need a teenage Colby at this moment? Marcy Walker, who played her mother Liza, left the show last year to focus on youth ministry so Colby is just going to show up on the doorstep of her father Adam Chandler. Just because it is the summer doesn't mean we need a teenager to occupy our screen, but at least this character is tied to the canvas in a significant manner.

On August 1, Taylor Gildersleeve will debut in the contract role of Sydney. Really? Does Colby really need a friend who is on contract? AMC doesn't need Colby never mind her friend. Yeah they are saying that Sydney is going to have a surprising connection to someone in Pine Valley, but I can't say I'm prepared to be wowed by this connection. If this is another long lost child …

On July 10, soap newcomer Melissa Claire Egan debuts in the role of Annie, (a role that should have gone to Erin Hershey Presley, but I digress) a woman on the run from her husband –with a daughter in tow.

Apparently Annie is slated to be a love interest for Ryan, but does Ryan really need more to do? Kendall just gave birth to his baby Spike (don't get me started on that ridiculous name). Add to that the fact that he has come to the conclusion that he is in love with Kendall YET AGAIN, and she is married to Zach. Does it seem to you that Ryan needs an on-the-run love interest with a child? WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN KID!! Oh that's right, the biological father of the baby might actually be Dr.Greg Madden. OY.

Don't get too excited because that isn't the only new character who is being thrown into Ryan's orbit. Matthew R. Walton is going to resume the role of Terry, that sketchy guy who "helped" Lily while she was lost in NYC but was really trying to molest her. Guess who he is? The husband from which Annie is on the run. This dysfunctional couple will have some surprising connections to some current Pine Valley residents.

How about we focus on the Pine Valley residents and not all of these new people with "surprising connections" to them!

Our final arrival hit town on June 29. Marcus Patrick will play Jamal Cudhay, who is slated to cause some problems in the burgeoning relationship between Erin and Aidan. Originally he was going to be playing law student Marcus, but they changed the character to Jamal Cudhay, the adopted son of Livia and Tom, presumably to give him a connection to established Pine Valley residents. But with Tom on the canvas why would they get rid of Livia? They changed the character to have a connection only to turn around and fire Tonya Pinkins (Livia). What was the point? You might as well have kept him as Marcus. It would have been a nice change of pace for someone not to have a "surprising connection" to someone in Pine Valley.

Word is that with all of this hiring there may be even more firings. That's just great. Rid the canvas of the characters and actors that we love, and deluge us with newcomers. What a perfect strategy to get those ratings up.

AMC is on a slippery slope, and they are not helping themselves AT ALL!
I'm Not A Girl ...
By PopCultureWhore

A week after turning down an offer from Playboy, Ashlee Simpson will be the new face/body of Victoria's Secret's upcoming "Pink" line, according to the Daily News. Nose jobs and a healthy diet of carrot sticks and ice chips apparently do wonders for one's marketability. I'll admit that she has looked a bit better of late, but

Is this ...

Going to turn out like this ...

Um, maybe not. But she'll probably look better than this ...

Just kidding Ty-Ty! Love ya! Or something ...

If anything, Victoria's Secret should look to Ashlee's well-endowed big sis for their next campaign -- as long as she avoids the dark hair she sported in the Maxim layout.

The Daily News also reports that Ashlee is moving in with boyfriend Braxton and that he has "upgraded" from the tour bus bunk to his mistress' suite. I'd wonder what Daddy Simpson had to say about that, but he's probably too busy shopping for hip threads to wear to awards shows and "Dr. Phil" appearances.
You Be Good to Mama ...
By PopCultureWhore

Don't be talking smack about Jenny from the block. Jennifer Lopez was awarded an injunction that bans her (first) ex-husband from writing a tell-all book about their marriage.

Lopez was married to Ojani Noa in 1997 for 11 months. The two apparently had an amicable split, seeing as how she hired him to oversee her Miami restaurant Madre's in 2002. She fired him six months later, however, prompting him to file suit in December 2004 for wrongful termination. Lopez filed her own lawsuit in April of this year after Ojani contacted the multi-hyphenate's lawyers to inform them of his plans for the tell-all book and to let them know he'd be willing to back off for a sum of $5 million.

As part of the injunction awarded this weekend, Ojani cannot publish anything about J'Lo's life until the lawsuit is settled and he is banned from "criticising or denigrating" La Lopez.

(Source) and (Source)
That's A Wrap
By PopCultureWhore

Nick Lachey is no longer biting the hand that feeds him. He’s officially a single man after his divorce to Jessica Simpson became final this weekend. The news comes just days after the couple filed for a “bifurcation,” which speeds up divorce proceedings before financial details are settled.

Jessica coped in true Hollywood style by getting into a fight with paparazzi in the Hamptons. People reports that security personnel at the Pink Elephant nightclub got into a rumble with New York Daily News photographer John Roca, who tried to shoot the poptart’s picture outside the hotspot.

Roca claims his camera’s memory card was stolen, an accusation Simpson’s rep and nightclub personnel deny.

Nick, meanwhile, appeared on the Today’s show summer concert series this morning to perform “What’s Left of Me.” As an added touch, he sported a t-shirt that said “Triumph.” Watch it here.

He later told host Lester Holt that "it's time to move on. It's a process we all have to go through. This week was the final step in that process."
Casual Luxury for Summer
by Kimmie Smith

This summer people are definitely rocking that casual luxury style! With all the parties and events, it can be hard to figure out what to wear. When in doubt, simple, casual and a little bit of style can go a long way. Check out how some stars from recent movie/product premieres have chosen to show their sense of style.

At the premiere for The Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Ashley Tisdale (above) definitely looked hot pairing an embroidered tunic top with a belt. This style has started to pop up all over. The belt being worn as a high wasted obi brings a sexiness that glams up any outfit. Simply worn with a pair of leggings (I am not a fan of leggings but this outfit showsthat you can make it work) makes you ready for rooftop parties, a friend’s housewarming or a little barbecue.

We can all "Say I", with Christina Milan at the Sidekick 3 Release Party at the Hollywood Palladium (P.S. loving the new Sidekick and can't wait to upgrade my own). I’m also loving the integration one of this summer's big themes: stripes, nautical motifs, white capris and the big bag. Rarely am I disappointed with her sense of style and fun flirty atmosphere. Wear something like this for brunch, outdoor cafes for late dinners and a random night when you need to look your sexiest without being too overt about trying to catch the eye of someone special.

"Idol" Worship
by IdolWhore

Summertime and the living is…hot, sticky, yeah, whatever. Even so, Idols, pseudo-Idols, and Idol wannabes are still on the march.

Remember MARIO VASQUEZ? Don't all raise your hands at once. He was the dude who sent a shockwave through the Idol system in Season 3 when, after successfully cruising through the grueling audition process, he quietly dropped out of the race, giving NIKKO SMITH another shot at Idol fame. Nikko, of course, is still working on that.

But Mario Vasquez now has a video for a song called "Gallery," which features rapper Baby Bash, in rotation on MTV Hits. When he initially disappeared without an explanation, the rumor mill churned at warp speed. Was he involved in a sex scandal? Was he terminally ill? Was he wanted on several outstanding warrants? None of the above. Mario had been pounding the pavement as a singer long before he stumbled into Idol, and when producers who had previously turned him down caught his charismatic performances during the Idol preliminary rounds, they suddenly had a change of heart--and apparently so did Mario. In August of last year, he signed with Clive Davis’ J Records.


Season five champ TAYLOR HICKS gave a pre-Idols tour performance on Saturday in Provo, Utah, where he co-headlined the “Stadium of Fire” event for more than 40,000 people at Brigham Young University. Ticket sales apparently quadrupled after Hicks was announced as a performer earlier this month, reports The Salt Lake Tribune. Hicks will meet up with the rest of the season five Idols on July 5 in New Hampshire for the start of the Idols Tour and will be on the road until Sept. 16. Check out how they perform sans judges.

Meanwhile, People magazine was apparently having a slow news day and tracked down one of Hicks’ first crushes.

JOSH GRACIN, who placed fourth in season 2, made his acting debut on the June 29 episode of the “The Young & the Restless.” He played a guy named Jake who hits on and serenades Phyllis while she and Nick are stranded at a country-western bar in New Mexico. Watch it here. Meanwhile, his single “Nothing to Lose” was recently certified gold.

CONSTANTINE MAROULIS, season four’s tall, cool one, will be touring up and down the east coast throughout the month of August. He'll kick off the festivities on the first of the month in Richmond, Virginia with a performance at the Have a Nice Day CafĂ©, which will be a benefit show for VSA Arts. He then hits up 12 other venues, including Joe’s Pub in Manhattan on Aug. 9.

Idol winner FANTASIA BARRINO got up close and personal with Oscar winner Jamie Foxx during their performance at this year’s BET awards.

Idols who will soon be releasing singles include JOHN PETER LEWIS (season 3) and KIMBERLEY LOCKE (season 2). Kimberley is also set to star in an untitled MTV reality series, which will debut on the network this fall.

That's the show for now. Idol Whore out!
Suri and Bigfoot: Soulmates?
by Eugenia Borkowski

It’s no secret that Katie Holmes has been a little down in the dumps lately and perhaps it’s all due to her invisible baby, Suri. If anyone reading this has ever given birth to a fictional child, then you can relate!

Weeks after Brooke Shields, Gwen Stefani and Brangelina Jolie's spawns have glossed the covers of magazines, Suri has become something of an urban legend. I guess it’s time for us to decide: Suri, fact or fiction?

Rumors or her whereabouts include Tom’s astronomical $3 million asking price for photos of the golden child, Scientology regulations that prohibit cameras around children less than nine months old, claims that the baby never existed at all, and my personal favorite, that Suri is half alien and will explode into a million, slimy globs of hazardous goo if she is exposed to sunlight (okay, so I just made that last one up, but I have my suspicions). It’s seems odd that a man as ravenous about publicity as Tom would want to keep things private for a change. Did I say ravenous? Sorry, I meant as psychotically hungry as an anorexic at a rehabilitation center.

Perhaps it’s all a question of bad timing. We all know Tom Cruise is not one to be generous with the spotlight (oink, oink) so until the pictures of Nicole and Keith’s wedding, honeymoon and the unconfirmed baby rumors die down, the mystery may have to continue whether we like it or not. Then again, maybe we should all concentrate instead on arranging a prison break for poor, exhausted Katie Holmes or get out our screen printers and start making more "FREE KATIE" t-shirts or in my case "FREE KATIE...But don’t free her anywhere around me, please" tees . Either way it looks like we’ll be in the dark here for quite some time and unless they finally let little Suri see some daylight, we’re not the only ones.