Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Polo, Stella Tackle Tennis
By Kimmie Smith

Polo Ralph Lauren made its debut on the Wimbledon tennis courts this week. Its preppy style will be featured on ball girls, umpires and other on-court tennis staff members as part of a five-year effort to increase Polo’s presence on the courts.

Though tennis stars like the Williams sisters and Anna Kournikova have abandoned some of the more traditional tennis garb, it's interesting to see how the classic look has returned to the 129th Wimbledon games. To officially make its presence felt, Polo Ralph Lauren sent out white and blue invitations to a sit down cocktail event with attendees like Jade Jagger and Vogue’s Plum Sykes serving as party associates

While we look towards Polo Ralph Lauren's entrance into the tennis scene, let us not forget Stella McCartney, who has collaborated with Adidas (pic above). Her collection is not a return to the classic element of the sport but a look at sexy, functional activewear. Earlier this year, she inked a contract with Russian newcomer Maria Kirilenko, who was the firstathlete to compete in Adidas by Stella McCartney with her appearance at the Australian Open.

With Polo Ralph Lauren on the courts, Adidas by Stella McCartney on the Russian stunner and who knows what the Williams' sisters will be sporting - the court just became an international athletic catwalk!

Tori Milks Father's Death
By PopCultureWhore

Despite rumors of a reconciliation between uber producer Aaron Spelling and daughter Tori before his death last week, it seems Tori was in Toronto when dad passed away, according to US Weekly. She apparently found out via a BlackBerry message from a friend rather than her mother. That's cold! Whatever. If my dad were deathly ill, I wouldn't be chilling in Toronto, picking fights with my husband's ex-wife. I hope Daddy only leaves her bus fare and a Heather Locklear headshot from T.J. Hooker!
A Couple of Whores
By PopCultureWhore

The latest in celebrity couplings, breakups, denials ....

Lost's Claire Marries Actor Beau (AP)

Lohan Denies Fling With Rocker (Post Chronicle)

Jessica, Jared Not an Item (Entertainment Wise)

NASCAR Racer Jeff Gordon To Marry Model (People)

Patricia Arquette Dons Strange Outfit, Marries (People)

Josh Groban, Girlfriend 'Take a Break' (UPI)

Children Not Our ($$) Future
by SoGoodIt’sBadWhore

For anybody who thought that children were our nation’s most precious resource, the mainstream media begs to differ. In fact, celebrity magazines such as People, Us Weekly, and Star recently declared at least one celebrity baby to be officially worthless when they refused to pony up the hefty asking price for exclusive photographs of Suri Cruise, the mythical child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. This disappointing news comes as a bit of a shock to the Cruise camp, particularly after photos of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) managed to net her lucky parents $4 million from People magazine and OK! in the UK. Much to TomKat’s chagrin, Suri was unable to net even a lowball initial offering of $3 million from either domestic or foreign media outlets. Most disappointed by the news would have to be the Church of Scientology, which could have expected the standard 10 percent cut of any business transaction conducted by their celebrity clientele (and we all know how angry Lord Xenu gets when he doesn’t get his cut).

Oh, and TomKat, you’re not fooling anybody by auctioning off “pictures” of your “baby” to the public. One time, I photoshopped a unicorn into a picture for my high school yearbook. Last I checked, that didn’t mean I could auction off “pictures of a unicorn.” Make with some public appearances with Suri, or we’re not buying it.

Whore Links

No ‘Dallas’ for Simpson (Life Style Extra)

LC: For the Love of Fashion (MTV)

Woody: Scarlett “Sexually Overwhelming” (China Daily)

No Baby Mama Drama From Xtina (Female First UK)

Cruise-Kidman Marriage Nixed Down Under (TMZ)
Star Dishes With Seacrest
By PopCultureWhore

Star called Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning to provide details on being axed from The View. Barbara Walters announced this morning that yesterday was Star's last day on the show.

Read the transcript here.

RS: They told you do not come back to the show. Was that a result of what you said yesterday on the air?

SJ: No, no, no, it’s not a result of what I said yesterday on the air. It’s because I tell the truth, and it was a beautiful tribute to them, I’m not really sure. It was their decision. And I wasn’t called personally, my agents were called.
Full-Length Skanko-vision
By PopCultureWhore

Three minutes of “Stars are Blind” was apparently not enough for heiress turned songbird Paris Hilton. She tells Star Pulse that an extended version of the video was shot that will delve more into the love shared by her and her video boy toy. “You see more of the love story and how I know the guy,” she said. Love story? He probably bought her In ‘N’ Out burger before driving her to a dark alley. Then he went to the beach to try to wash off the crabs.

And apparently all chances for a reconciliation with former best friend Nicole Ritchie are also out of the question for Paris. Earlier this month, she told Regis and Kelly that “we’re going through something right now [but] we’ll make up one day.” But Paris now says that “our friendship just feels like an old high school thing. I've got so many good things in my life now, I'm way beyond that. I just don't care about her."
No More Drama For Brooke?
By PopCultureWhore

I'm a little behind on this revelation, but apparently Mary J. Blige's rap "alter ego" is named Brooke? EURweb randomly mentioned in a wrap-up of last night's BET Awards that "Brooke" helped Blige finish up a performance of "Enough Cryin.'"

"I had to separate the two because Mary is nice, you know, intelligent. Brooke is crazy and ignorant and she don't care." - Blige to AOL.
Old-School Madge
by PopCultureWhore

In advance of Madonna's MSG show tonight, here's footage of her channeling "Dangerous Liaisons" in one of my favorite performances from the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards.
Nice ... Jewels?
By PopCultureWhore

DListed has some shots of Britney Spears’ upcoming Bazaar cover. At least she hired a stylist for this outing but it looks like there was a nice, broad stroke of the touch-up pen! She looks how I feel after eating my weight in Mexican food (minus the diamonds and pearls).

UPDATE: Britney was criticized for dying her hair while pregnant because the chemicals could potentially be harmful to unborn babies. US Weekly reports, however, that Spears used non-chemical vegetable dye. She also chopped her hair to chin length, a move that exasperated Bazaar stylists at the recent shoot. Solution? Hair extensions!

Celebrities Out of Water
By SoBadIt’sGoodWhore

The red carpet. Some stars are drawn to it as if they were born to be there. But then there are those stars who for whatever reason manage to turn up at a red carpet event where they just don’t fit in. Maybe it’s poor scheduling by their publicist, maybe it’s an unknown connection, or maybe they’re just desperately clinging to fame. In any case, when they do, we at PCW like to expose the five worst offenders in a weekly segment we call Celebrities Out of Water.

5. Judith Light (Devil Wears Prada premiere)

Who’s the boss? No seriously, we want to know who was in charge of this thing that let Judith Light, who has no connection to this film and hasn’t been really famous in almost ten years, onto the carpet. Judith, when there’s a "Who’s the Boss?" movie, we’ll let you know, but judging by Tony Danza’s career trajectory, it’s not happening any time soon.

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Pirates of the Caribbean 2 premiere)

Here’s the thing, Jennifer. It’s not that we don’t like you. It’s true, we don’t, but we haven’t acted on that collective dislike since you left Party of Five. What stuns us is that you had another movie opening this week, and you still decided to promote the one that you thought would have more press coverage. Well, it looks like you missed out on all the action from the "Garfield: Tale of Two Kitties" star studded premiere at what looks like a run down theater in Charleston.

3. Chris Kattan (at the Superman Returns premiere)

Let’s just start by saying that EVERYBODY was at the premiere of this movie so you have to go a long way to seem out of place. Is Corky Romano on the prowl for the perfect pair of summer loafers?

2. Ernie Hudson (at The Devil Wears Prada premiere)

As a die hard Winston Zeddmore fan, it kills me to do this, but why is this man at the premiere for The Devil Wears Prada? Better yet, why is he still in Hollywood? The only way I’ll excuse him desperately clinging to stardom is if it results in Ghostbusters 3, which would be good enough to forgive Ernie for not only this, but anything he’s ever done wrong (we all saw The Substitute, Ernie).

1. Roseanne Barr (at the Superman Returns premiere)

The only connection that this old, fat, washed up comedienne has to Superman is that America wishes she’d get hit by either a speeding bullet or a locomotive - whichever one could actually put her down for good.
Wyclef Rocks D.C.
By PopCultureWhore

My sister Lydia and her roommate babysit for a D.C. family whose foundation helps rich people decide how to allocate their money to charity (do I count as a charity?). They had a benefit in their backyard recently during which top client Wyclef serenaded the crowd with a few of his hits. Lydia (below left) thought she and Katherine would be relegated to the guest house to care for the rugrats, but were pleasantly surprised when they a) got to see the show and b) were pulled up on stage right when Wyclef started to sing “Hips Don’t Lie.” One of this family’s other clients just happens to be Bono, so fingers crossed that he might make an appearance at the next “backyard BBQ.”

The performance got a mention in People's "Caught in the Act" section.