Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Furtado, Martin Duet Hits Web
By PopCultureWhore

An unreleased collaboration between Nelly Furtado and Coldplay's Chris Martin has been leaked onto the Internet. Click here to get it. Martin can be heard singing in the background of Furtado's "All Good Things (Come to an End)." The track is included on Furtado's new album, Loose, but without Martin's accompanying vocals. She tells Soul Shine Magazine that Martin's label didn't want him on a major release with "his voice sounding so rocky" so the song was included with only Furtado singing the song.

Luke and Laura Together Again?
By SoapOperaWhore

Perhaps one of the greatest missteps in the history of General Hospital, if not all of soap operadom, is a mere months away from being rectified. After what seems like an eternity but has actually only been about four years, Genie Francis is once again going to inhabit the shoes of Laura Spencer. THANK GOD!

When we last saw Laura she was in a catatonic state after having killed her stepfather, Rick Webber. The memory that she had accidentally killed his mistress year's earlier came flooding back to her. She went crazy. She killed him. She went catatonic. And yes, it literally happened that fast.


How did she forget that for, oh, thirty years or so? By a drug that erased her memory, of course. In one fowl swoop General Hospital decimated the characters of Laura Spencer and Scott Baldwin, who had been in on the whole cover up with Rick, and killed Rick, a core character deeply tied to the history of the show. It sounds to me that someone was being a bit snippy over the fact that Genie Francis was leaving, and sat down and decided to craft the worst exit storyline that they could. You don't destroy a character like Laura Spencer! Since she is returning with the chance to be redeemed I'm willing to overlook this, but this nonsense I hear about her return being a limited engagement better be changed to “she signed a four year contract.” There is too much story to have Laura return in a "limited capacity.”

What kind of story? Luke and Laura need to reunite. They were on the verge and then didn't. This is a couple that needs to be together. After they reunite Laura needs to kick Luke's ass for essentially abandoning LuLu. I expect a tender moment between Laura and Liz over the fact that they she and Lucky found their way back to one another. I want Bobbie to continue to grapple with Lucas's sexuality, and Laura guide her to understanding. I don't want Laura and Skye to be at odds over Skye's place in Luke's life, Make them friends. Hell, Laura should be grateful that Skye was looking out for Lulu. PLAY THE BEATS. I know that you love to speed through story General Hospital, but the viewers like to see the beats.

Once the beats are played, however, Laura's major story needs to be……KILLING HELENA!

That's right. Laura needs to kill Helena. Helena is an irredeemable character. You want to see a shred of humanity in evil characters. I would settle for a sliver. There is no sliver here. She might as well be Satan. She has been poisoned and fallen off cliffs, and yet she is still alive. Nonsense. Laura needs to do something big. Helena needs to go. It seems like a storyline match made in heaven to me. Maybe Helena kidnaps John, Laura's brand new grandson fathered by Nikolas.

And what happens after that? Keep Laura around. Don't make the same mistake twice and let Genie Francis slip through your fingers. General Hospital has been on a roll bringing back core characters with a connection to the past. They've been dubbed "Legacy characters"(Holly, Robert, Noah, Anna…even Robin). Roll with this trend, but unlike most of these "legacy characters" keep Laura around for the duration. Laura has a husband (well technically they aren't married, but honestly Luke is a shell of a man without her), mother, three children, grandchildren…the list goes on and on and on.

Good first move getting her back. The second move is to give her whatever she wants to keep her around. You couldn't ask for a better heart and soul to your show then Laura Spencer. WHAT-EVER-SHE WANTS!
Star Jones Was Robbed!
By PopCultureWhore

Star Jones made nice this morning when announcing her departure from The View on-air, but kicked off her bitch fest the minute the cameras stopped rolling. In an interview with People magazine, Star reveals that her contract was not renewed. “I feel like I was fired,” she says. She was given the old heave-ho just days before it was announced that Rosie O’Donnell would join the cast as Meredith Vieira’s replacement. Talentless hacks throughout the land are shocked (shocked!) by the news.
Cocaine: Makes Dreams Come True
by Kaitlyn Nagy and Patrick Griffith

Despite Kate Moss’ recent cocaine scandal, the undisputed most stylish chick on the planet will return to Calvin Klein for its fall 2006 season. WWD reports that the photos for the upcoming campaign are black-and-white and are similar to those from a decade ago when Moss posed with “Marky Mark” Wahlberg. We all remember those ads, don’t we? This time, instead of Marky Mark, super hottie Jamie Dornan (Keira Knightley’s ex-flame) is Moss’ main man.

Meanwhile, Burberry has also apparently had a change of heart. Nine months after it dropped Moss over the cocaine incident, the fashion house has rehired the model for its fall/winter 2006 campaign. According to Life Style Extra, Moss was present earlier this year at Burberry’s 150th birthday bash. "Kate is part of the Burberry family and it is only natural that she should be here,” a spokesman said at the time.

Moss will have more time to devote to modeling adventures now that she will not face charges over allegations that she snorted cocaine at a London recording studio last year, AP reports. Apparently having a picture that clearly shows Moss “powdering her nose” is considered insufficient evidence for a prosecution, according to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Moss should consider herself lucky, considering her ex beau Pete Doherty seems to rack up more drug charges than Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden combined, and he’s only 27! After the infamous pictures of Moss surfaced, she checked herself into rehab, and reportedly dumped Doherty. For some reason, though, I for see a reunion between Doherty, Moss, and their closest mutual friend, cocaine.

We won’t be reading about the salacious details of her relationship with Pete or her drug of choice, however, as Moss has opted out of a tell-all book deal, according to Life Style Extra. "She is perceived to have cleaned up her act, so she can save the memoirs for a rainy day,” according to her spokesman. No such luck on the Doherty front, who still plans to grace the world with his prose.
DVD Whore ... Dr. Quinn
By PopCultureWhore

When I was 13, my mom wouldn’t let me watch 90210, so I was relegated to the prairie fare of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. After six seasons, executives eventually realized that there was a shelf life on how many times Dr. Quinn could cure townspeople or battle it out with the town racists, and the show got the axe. Midwestern housewives and teenagers hot for Joe Lando revolted and the studio eventually appeased their mediocre tastes by producing two made-for-TV Dr. Quinn movies.

If you happened to have missed these great moments in television, fear not – they are now available on DVD. I’d probably only rent these if I were into drugs and needed something trippy to accompany my high, but stranger things have happened. According to the Netflix recap, the first movie finds Dr. Mike and Sully battling Mexican kidnappers while the second sends the gang’s to Colleen’s graduation from medical school. I’m sure Chief Dancing Cloud or whatever had something poignant to say at the close of both films.

Meanwhile, it seems like Hank the bartender has had a bit of work done?

Retro Public Affair?
by PopCultureWhore

PopSugar has some shots of Jessica's video shoot for upcoming single "Public Affair." Promotional shots would suggest that Jessica was going for a more upscale mood, but the video finds blondie and a few of her celeb friends (Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate, Christina Milian, Maria Menounos) in a retro roller rink. Farrah hair, tube tops, short shorts and off-the-shoulder numbers will hopefully distract from the fact that Mariah and Madonna have done it all before.

TMZ also has a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video.

Axl Rose: A True Gentleman
By PopCultureWhore

Axl Rose took class to a new level Monday morning in Stockholm when was arrested for biting a security guard outside his hotel. AP reports that the Guns 'N' Roses lead singer performed in the Swedish city on Monday night and later returned drunk to Berns Hotel and got in a fight with the security detail. He is apparently sobering up for questioning. "He was deemed too intoxicated to be questioned right away," according to a police spokeswoman. Christ, shouldn't he be gearing up for The Surreal Life about now?