Monday, June 26, 2006

Quit Playing Games With My Heart
By SoBadIt’sGoodWhore

Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson (Quick, name the other four!) made this official announcement on

“After 13 years of what can only be described as a dream come true, I have decided that it is time to leave the Backstreet Boys. It was a very tough decision for me but one that was necessary in order to move on with the next chapter of my life. Howard, Brian, Alex and Nick will always be my little brothers and have my utmost love and support. I would like to thank the Backstreet fans for all the beautiful memories we have shared together and look forward to including you in the next phase of my life. I wish my brothers continued success and look forward to their new album.”

This announcement, of course raises many interesting questions, such as “who the hell cares?” In any event, if you’re a Backstreet Boys fan (And really, who is?), then we regret to inform you, your group just got one marginally talented singer smaller…oh, and 1997 called, and they want their music back.

For the record, Brian Littrell has gone the Christian route and recently released a single called "Jesus Loves You." AJ McClean was in and out of rehab a few years back, likely looked into playing the pirate at children's parties. Nick Carter also battled the dragon, his parents and dated Paris Hilton. Howie, well, who knew he was an extra in "Parenthood?"
Celebrity Fit Club 4
By PopCultureWhore

Vincent Pastore (Sopranos)
Tina Yothers (Family Ties)
Ted Lange (Love Boat)
Nick Turturro (NYPD Blue)
Carnie Wilson (Wilson Phillips)
Angie Stone (R&B Singer)
Erika Eleniak (Baywatch)
Bonecrusher (Rapper)

I kind of guessed that most of these people would turn to the KFC once the cameras stopped rolling, but I wonder what happened to Erika Eleniak. Do a Google image search on her when you're not at work to get a sampling of what she's really known for ... the show debuts on Vh1 on August 6.

I'm Crying Myself To Sleep
By PopCultureWhore

I'm going to try and compose myself just long enough to write this message to you, dear reader. Access Hollywood is reporting that the one and only Star Jones will be leaving The View. Yes, it's a shock to the system, but if I know our Star, she'll rise above, reach for the stars, catch a falling star and do whatever the hell else total wackos do on a daily basis. This news basically nixes any chance of me ever DVR'ing The View - to see Rosie O'Donnell and Star throw down when Rosie joins the bitch fest in September. Meredith knew what was up when she defected to NBC to join Matt and his naked ankles on "Today."
Spector Put On Notice
By Patrick Griffith

Music producer Phil Spector will have his day in court come January 2007 for the murder trial of B-movie actress Lana Clark. You may know Spector as a musical genius who worked with the likes of the Beatles, or possibly as the other white guy, besides uber weirdo Robert Blake, who allegedly flipped his lid and killed his significant other. Regardless, I’m 99 percent positive that you’ll never know Phil Spector for his fashion sense or good looks. The man looks like Orville Redenbacher on crack. Or maybe the real life version of “The Simpsons” character Disco Stu. Whatever the case, Spector will answer to the man next year. What does the defense say? Suicide. I’ll tell you this much, any woman who isn’t being paid to have sex with him might also consider the same fate.

Naomi And the Help Not BFF
By PopCultureWhore

Valentino knew back in the day that Naomi Campbell would need some haute couture prison stripes. Just months after being arrested for allegedly assaulting an employee with a cell phone, a separate employee filed a lawsuit accusing Campbell of employment discrimination, personal injury, civil assault and civil battery. Entertainment Tonight reports that former maid Gaby Gibson is seeking compensatory and punitive damages. Naomi has one month to get her anger in check and respond. She is also expected to be in court on the aforementioned assault charges. Is walking around in fancy clothes so stressful that you have to lash out? I think she should get double the time a normal person would get for being such a moron. Perhaps that's why I'm not a judge!
Lizzie Can Crush Kids Sans SUV!
By PopCultureWhore

PR Whoreface Lizzie Grubman (of PowerGirls fame) needs to lay off the Fritos! Just kidding, I know she's preggers, but I'd have to say that visible roots and frumpy baby doll ensembles are not doing her justice. At least it gives Lisa Gastineau an excuse to say, "I was the hottest one in the shot!" And bitch is cross-eyed in this picture! They are all just one hot, orange mess. Is Lisa holding a dog or a Gremlin? I don't even want to know who the guy in the middle is, but he need to set the crisper to "low" and cancel the next brow lift with Dr. 90210. Enough!

L. Ron Hubbard Is A Trooper!
By PopCultureWhore

Fellow blog site Jossip has an amusing bootleg copy of a Scientology orientation video, captured guerilla style with an attendees’ hand-held camera.

Above is a snippet from that video in which Tinsdale the robot host and the creepy executor of L. Ron Hubbard’s estate discuss why Ron was such a super guy!

Ron is like Buddha, Tinsdale says because “he is just a man, but he has influenced billions of lives for the better.” In that case, Mr. T and Alf are probably also just like Buddha. It’s all making sense to me now.

Creepy executor informs us that Ron was a “full professional in 29 different fields” including: Aviation, Ethnology, Film making, Photography, Music, and Engineering.

He was also a “master mariner, licensed to captain any ship in any ocean and a world-class explorer.”

But first and foremost, Ron was a master wordsmith, skilled in any genre, but most well versed in fruitcake. Executor informs us that in the 1930’s and 1940’s, the main form of entertainment was (gasp!) reading and Ron’s magazine contributions, therefore, made him a household name. Too bad he decided to butt his nose into the government’s mind control plans! Uncle Sam was none too pleased and tried to take down Ron, Tinsdale says. Thank God (Xeon 412?) he persevered and didn’t let things get him down or luminaries like John Travolta, Priscilla Presley, Jenna Elfman and, of course, Tom Cruise would have nowhere to turn. Thanks Ron …
My Favorite Whore … Pete Doherty

Here at Pop Culture Whore, we like to give a tip of the hat and a flash of the fishnets to some of the more whore-iffic celebrity train wrecks. Today’s treat – Pete Doherty, Babyshambles lead singer and former boy toy to Kate Moss. PCW Contributor Collin Oberndorf has taken a drug-addled trip down memory lane for some of Pete’s latest and greatest. Grab your syringe and handle of scotch. It’s time for some Pete, rapscallion, rogue, Renaissance man. Some highlights:

July 25, 2003: Soon after being asked to leave the Libertines because of his various drug addictions, Doherty broke into ex-band mate Carl Barat’s apartment in “a highly emotional and drug-befuddled state," by breaking down the door and stealing various expensive possessions. And so, Babyshambles was born, a mewling, spewing bastard train wreck of a band. Doherty was sentenced to prison for six months, a sentence that was later reduced to two months on appeal. For some reason, they let him back into the Libertines upon his release. This guy must be one smooth talker.

September 1, 2004: Doherty is given a four-month suspended sentence for possession of a switchblade. He arrives for sentencing Michael Jackson style, playing guitar through the roof of a car and later told the press he was declared “Innocent. What about the Magna Carta? Did she die in vain?” Ummm…

Feb 3, 2005: Doherty spends several days in prison after not being able to come up with the 150,000 pound bail for allegedly assaulting filmmaker Max Carlish, who claimed to be making a documentary about our boy Pete. The charges are eventually dropped.

October 2, 2005: On the heels of the “Cocaine Kate” incident, Doherty is (again) arrested for possession after the Babyshambles tour bus is raided by the police. Charges are eventually dropped. How inept are the British police that they can’t even convict Pete Doherty, of all people, for drug possession? Doherty is arrested again one week after these charges were dropped.

January 27, 2006: Our boy is remanded to police custody for two weeks after being arrested THREE TIMES the previous day on suspicion of possessing drugs. Way to go, Pete! If at first you don’t succeed and all that. Also, if you’re arresting this guy on “suspicion” of possessing drugs, how does he even leave the house? I suspect he is in possession of drugs right now, and I’m just sitting here typing. But I’ll bet you dollars to donuts I’m right. I am totally, like, psychic or something.

February 27, 2006: Ok, now this is starting to get boring. Pete is arrested for…wait for it…possession of drugs. Oh, and also stealing a car, just to spice things up, I guess.

Let’s not forget Pete shooting a syringe full of blood at an MTV crew, photos of Pete allegedly injecting heroin into an unconscious fan’s arm, being fined $1,900 for cocaine possession at a Swedish music festival and plans to publish his personal memoirs. And the guy is only 27. If you have a death pool going with your pals, I’d say the boy is cash money.
Madge Hits Manhattan
By PopCultureWhore

Just two more days until Madonna hits Madison Square Garden in NYC for the first of seven Manhattan shows. I’ll be there on Wednesday, so Madge better be resting up. Here she is arriving at her hotel in New York with daughter Lourdes and husband Guy.

Rumored Set List:
1 - Future Lovers
2 - Get Together
3 - Like A Virgin
4 - Jump
5 - Live To Tell
6 - Forbidden Love
7 - Isaac
8 - Sorry
9 - Like It Or Not
10 - Sorry Reprise
11 - I Love New York
12 - Ray Of Light
13 - Let It Will Be
14 - Drowned World/Substitute For Love
15 - Paradise (Not For Me)
16 - Disco Inferno & Music Mashup
17 - Erotica18 - La Isla Bonita
19 - Lucky Star
20 - Hung Up
Stupid Spoiled Whore - Just 99¢!

And we have lift off. I was perusing iTunes this weekend for some music and saw that Paris Hilton's new song Stars Are Blind is now on sale and, as of Sunday, was one of the top 10 downloads. WHAT? If you have any sort of tech savvy, you can easily download it offline for free if you truly need to abuse your ears, but WHY? I know I owned Debbie Gibson, Paula Abdul, NKOTB and the like back in the day, but Paris Hilton? Really?
That Lucky Slut
By PopCultureWhore

Anna Nicole Smith is apparently having the best week ever. Her former stepson and arch rival E. Pierce Marshall died suddenly last week in Dallas.

The 67-year-old died from a “brief and extremely aggressive infection,” according to a spokesman. Smith and Marshall have been battling in court for years over the estate of J. Howard Marshall, Pierce’s father and Anna’s late husband. Smith married the then 84-year-old Marshall in 1994 at age 26. He died a year later, at which time Smith claimed to be entitled to half of his estimated $1.6 billion estate.

E. Pierce was having none of that and has fought Smith on the matter for over a decade. Anna was awarded $474 million in U.S. bankruptcy court, but that sum was later reduced to $90 million and eventually dismissed entirely before the Supreme Court (yes, that Supreme Court) ruled that the former Playmate can continue to pursue Marshall’s fortune.

Anna is currently about five months pregnant with her second child. The millions she stands to inherit from that old coot will probably come in handy when it’s born with a bottle of Jack in one hand and a prescription for Vicodin in the other.

In other random death news, People reports that the mother of Jon Benet Ramsey also passed away Saturday from cancer.