Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Idol" Worship
By Idol Whore

The fifth season of American Idol may have just concluded, but the obsession continues. Until the show returns next January, we'll keep you posted with news and gossip about the Idol singers as they pursue their careers beyond those Tuesday and Wednesday night broadcasts.

Season 5 Idol Winner Taylor "Gray Charles" Hicks' first post-Idol recording, the single "Do I Make You Proud", recently debuted at number one the Billboard singles charts, knocking Wyclef and Shakira to the number two spot. Included on the CD is Taylor's version of the Doobie Brothers classic "Takin' It to the Streets."

On Tuesday, June 27th, runner-up Katharine "McPheever" McPhee will release a short-form CD that includes her version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" along with the original tune "My Destiny." Katharine made headlines Thursday morning when she revealed to People magazine that she struggled with bulimia in her pre-Idol days.

As for Idols Past: AP reports that Season 2 Idol Champ Ruben Studdard was awarded $2 million to cover losses and punitive damages incurred after his former manager, Ronald W. Edwards, stole more than a quarter of a million dollars from Ruben and used the singer's credit card to pay off a $10,000 bank loan. The mismanagement wraked havoc on Ruben's credit rating. Even though he has sold more than 2.2. million records, he was denied an application for a mortgage. The bad news is that Edwards' promotion company recently filed for bankruptcy and has no assets, which means being awarded a $2 million judgment and actually collecting it are two totally different things. Ruben is reportedly working on a new album. Let's hope he gets paid this time.

Having a much easier time of it is Kelly Clarkson, who is destined to have "The First 'American Idol' Winner" engraved on her tombstone. Kelly is on the road this summer and ticket sales are brisk. Anyone planning to attend the Jones Beach show in New York on July 13 can scramble for Meet and Greet applications, which will be available for 24 hours starting at 9:00 am EST on June 29. Visit for details.

And so it begins..."Idol" Worship will do its best to keep you updated of all things "Idol." We'll be collecting news and notes about such "Idol" happenings as the "America Idols" Top 10 Tour, Jennifer Hudson's role in the film version of "Dream Girls," Bo Bice's summer concert dates, audition dates and locations for the upcoming season, and the music and charitable work of Clay Aiken, not to mention his hair, which we understand has its own religion.

Until then, Worship out!
Fashion Whore Roundup
By Dara Reppucci

WTF Of The Week: Hand Spats

The newest example of fashion idiocy - hand spats. Making appearances on the dainty wrists of Paris and Lindsay, these seemingly useless pieces of fabric are clearly the forerunners of the ‘Gatsby on crack’ trend coming soon to a Forever 21 near you. LiLo actually wore a pair to the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) awards [left, with designer Karl Lagerfeld], where she was seated at a table with none other than the fashionista queen herself, Vogue Editor Anna Wintour. I can imagine Anna’s reaction being somewhere along the lines of “Bitch, please!”

The whole existence of hand spats is baffling. I’m not sure that these garments serve any purpose other than to distract attention away from stars’ protruding sternums. Perhaps Lindsay and Paris should try sleeves before this becomes a full-on fashion epidemic on par with the legging outbreak of ’06. Or maybe the timely consumption of a cheeseburger would eradicate the need for wrist warmers?

Eau de Skank Whore

Last week Paris Hilton launched her new perfume Just Me by Paris Hilton at Macy’s Herald Square. This is Paris’ second fragrance launch, further proving the frightening absurdity of the US Weekly consuming masses who are willing to pay $49 to smell like sexually transmitted diseased drag queen.

My shock is not that more than 300 people showed up to see her at Macy’s but that they arrived bearing flowers and signs instead of the expected pitchforks and torches.

Sample Sale ALERT!
Who: Girlshop
What: 30-70% off summer essentials such as swimsuits, sundresses and sandals
Where: 119 W. 23rd Street, Suite 805 (8th floor) NYC
When: 6/21-6/24 12-8pm
*** Sharpen your claws ladies. Don’t be fooled by the cheery designs and cutesy graphics, these bitches mean business. Be prepared: Don’t think for one minute that you are going to snag the last Eve Lynn tye-dyed sundress of L.A.M.B. hoodie without a little eye gauging and hair pulling.

Counting (Designer) Sheep
Vera Wang just introduced her “Vera Wang by Serta” mattress collection. Vera can be seen hawking her mattresses in TV ads and a print campaign targeted at upscale bridal and lifestyle magazines. Clearly, Vera Wang dresses, shoes, perfume, flatware, jewelry, picture frames and stationary are simply not enough for the discerning bride. Because nothing says true love forever like extending your brand whore compulsions to your mattress.

Tommy Lee & Bloomingdales????
This September, Tommy Lee and Peoples Liberation Inc. will launch PL for TL at Bloomingdale’s. Tommy will promote and wear the line of jeans, hoodies, and hats that are apparently inspired by his tattoos. I’m no corporate strategist, but I’m really not seeing the logic in this. Does Bloomingdale’s really think that their shoppers even know who Tommy Lee is, never mind want to wear clothing inspired by his tattoos? Does this seem like the most random example of celebrity endorsement? It’s kind of like Gwyneth Paltrow headlining as a guest dancer at Scores.

photos: Reuters
Reese Strikes Back Against Tabloid Baby Rumors
by Lakshmi Kalimireddi

Britney Spears - Pregnant
Anna Nicole Smith - Pregnant
Heidi Klum - Pregnant
Reese Witherspoon - NOT Pregnant

With every other celebrity getting pregnant these days, a little pre-menstrual bloating may be enough cause for tabliods to swarm. Reese Witherspoon won't have any of that. Star magazine claimed Witherspoon was pregnant with her third kid, and that she was hiding it from the producers of two of her upcoming films. Rubbish, says Reese. She's suing Star and its parent company, American Media Inc, the writers AND the editors, for causing distress (please) and "commercially exploiting her name."

Check out the lawsuit here.

Update: No mention of the Reese cover story on Star's Web site, though it does have a "Baby News" cover featuring Britney ("Heading for Breakdown Before Baby") and Nicole Kidman ("Pregnant at 39!"). Reese's lawsuit claims that Star placed the magazine cover featuring her likeness on its site in order to drum up subscriptions since clicking on the image took readers to a "subscription center." The magazine's "forums" section is also currently offline, though no word on how long that has been the case!