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Friday, December 01, 2006

Was There Another Dance-Off?
By PopCultureWhore

Britney and her posse of dunces hit LA nightclub Area Thursday night and who else was in attendance? Mr. Justin Timberlake himself. No word on if Cameron was there, but I hope there was a dance-off reminiscent of their rumored post-breakup dance floor standoff at Lounge in 2003. Actually, I hope he pulled her into a bathroom, gave her a Victoria’s Secret “free panties” gift card, slapped her upside the head for hanging with Paris and recommended the name of a stylist who can put in extensions without making them look like rat tails.

Paparazzi blog X17, meanwhile, has video of Britney being tailed by photographers at the gas station and into an LA hotel. It must be kind of a mind fuck to have these creepy people following you around. If I were a celebrity, I’d be conflicted as to whether I should just play along and let them snap or try to avoid them. The X17 camera guy tries to act like the knight in shining armor, telling the others to leave her alone, but then he doesn’t follow his own advice and continues to stalk her into the hotel. Classy!

The New York Post weighs in on the Paris-Britney-Lohan trifecta with its “Bimbo Summit” headline. The paparazzi who snapped Brit’s crotch claimed she was into it and didn’t try to shield her nether regions. Classy #2!


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