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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Vh1 Big In '06; Dead in '07?
by PopCultureWhore

The world of pop culture came together tonight for Vh1's "Big in '06" awards. MK at Dlisted is always talking about Paris Hilton's wonky eye, but I really never noticed it until this picture. She looks like she had a stroke.

Speaking of having a stroke, Lindsay's little sister Ali looks like she's been getting nutrition tips from Kate Bosworth. Maybe it's just the uncontrollable vomiting caused by her Christmas album. Click HERE to listen to "Lohan Holiday." Yes, I'm being serious.

Ok, those just look painful, honey. This is Ice-T's wife. I think her name's Coco? Vanilla? Do we really care? Didn't think so.

"America's Next Top Model" contestants apparently only learned how to become red carpet road kill. Furonda continues to impersonate a praying mantis ...

Preacher's daughter turned go-go dancer turned wannabe model Joanie seems to be having a wardrobe malfunction.

And God bless Miss Jay for trying ...



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