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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

These Women are Scaring Me
By PopCultureWhore

The NYT fashion and style page is usually a place where you can check your deep thinking at the door and indulge in random articles about liquid diets, Evite etiquette, what your potential suitor’s MySpace “relationship status” box means for you and what’s going on in the “real” Laguna Beach. But for the past few days, the top story has been about over-the-top holiday parties, with a picture of these women serving as one reason why you might want to avoid plastic surgery. Fish lips? Check. Orange fake and bake glow? Check. Cheeks reminiscent of the pulled chicken at Boston Market? Check. Ladies, it’s not a good look. Let’s acknowledge that you’re fabulous sans collagen and Dr. 90210’s trusty blade.

Speaking of fashion, did anyone see Barbara Walters fawn all over Anna Wintour during her “Most Fascinating People of 2006” special last night? Barbara asked Anna if Miranda from “The Devil Wears Prada” was anything like the real Anna Wintour, to which Anna said, “If Meryl came across as strong, then that’s ok with me.” No, I think what you’re looking for is “unbearable bitch of epic proportions.” Is that what you are Anna? What do you think of your former assistant who wrote a best-selling book about what a nut you are?! But no, Babs just giggled and asked if current events affected fashion. Snooooze.



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