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Friday, December 01, 2006

Lohan in Fight Club 2?
By PopCultureWhore

Lohan’s mother told Ryan Seacrest that her daughter attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings because many of her friends do it and “it’s a positive thing” for Lindsay. This makes me think of “Fight Club” where Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter’s characters attend various support group meetings for attention even though they aren’t addicts. Maybe she’s doing a little research for how her life will likely end up in 10 years.

Lohan is also getting shit for the verbal diarrhea she had after director Robert Altman’s death. As soon as I heard he’d died, I knew Lindsay would have something stupid to say and sure enough, she wrote a lengthy tribute to her “Prairie Home Companion” director that included a blurb from the AA’s 12 steps (…) and concluded with her telling people to be “adequite.” Newspaper columnists jumped on her for being a moron, but Lohan’s publicist said that she was so “devastated” by the news that she quickly wrote something on her BlackBerry – something which the publicist apparently did not think to edit.


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