Friday, December 01, 2006

K-Fed Gets Real (Annoying)
By PopCultureWhore

Kevin Federline was so eloquent when and Britney appeared on their short-lived reality series “Chaotic” (see their dizzying tête-à-tête about time travel) that it makes sense that he should continue that tradition of television excellence. K-Fed is reportedly in talks with “House of Carters” creator Kenneth Crear for a solo reality sojourn. “I made Nick Carter look real and trustworthy,” Crear said. Um, actually you made him look crazy (see: Why I Don’t Trust My Brother, by Nick Carter) before his dumbass siblings overshadowed that craziness and made Nick look only marginally insane. K-Fed will not have four white-trash relatives to balance that out … or will he? Jayden James is probably sick of all the attention Sean P has already received and might want this to be his break-out role.


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