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Monday, November 27, 2006

Rich Assholes Get Comeuppance
By PopCultureWhore

Frank Agnello, last seen spiking his hair and popping his collar on Growing Up Gotti, was pulled over and arrested in Long Island for having morphine and OxyContin in his car. The 16-year-old grandson of deceased mob boss John Gotti is scheduled to appear in court early next year. The Post says the teen runs a tanning salon. Uh yeah. The only thing he ran on his A&E TV show was his mouth. You know he’ll get like five minutes of community service, his mother will scream her head off, he’ll ignore her, play video games for 37 hours straight and she’ll buy him a new car.

Also in stupid, spoiled whore land, bi-curious party boy Fabian Basabe was also pulled over by cops in New York City and arrested for drunk driving and driving without a license. The son of an Ecuadorian millionaire was last spotted being a dick on E!’s “Filthy Rich Cattle Drive.” I literally hoped one of the cowboys on that show would shoot him during the night and dump his body in a ditch. Instead, he was arrested on Central Park West. His lawyer claims the arresting officers were “bumbling” and used “faulty and antiquated equipment” in an effort to bag themselves a “boldfaced-name defendant.” Yeah, I’m sure the traffic cops on the Upper West Side give a shit about Fabian Basabe, or have any idea who he is. I certainly wish I could erase him from my head.

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