Monday, November 13, 2006

No Love For Solo Kat
By PopCultureWhore

Awards season is fast approaching and studios are in a hurry to pull together screeners (DVDs for special voting people) of potential nominees. One of the movies being pushed is "Thank You For Smoking," a satire about the tobacco industry which co-starred Katie Holmes as a journalist who slept with her source (Aaron Eckhart) for the story. A screener for the movie, however, suggests that voters give props to just about everyone in the film except Katie. Oops. I guess she's a little busy preparing to give her life to L. Ron Hubbard to really care, though. Besides, her role in "Smoking" was basically Joey Potter - if Joey had been a bit more damaged by her father being sent to jail. Maybe Katie can have fellow scientologist Jenna Elfman kidnap a studio head and cover his body in nicotine patches as revenge.


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