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Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Want to Shoot My Eye Out …
By PopCultureWhore

… after watching this Cingular commercial. The cell phone company is spoofing the classic “A Christmas Story” for its latest ad campaign. Is nothing sacred? Ralphie doesn’t want a goddamn cell phone!

But as long as we’re mangling holiday classics, check out this amusing trailer that re-imagines the movie as if Ralphie were a sadistic kid on the edge of sanity.

The recut trailer trend kicked off with The Shining: Redux, where the classic Kubrick horror movie was re-imagined as a coming-of-age romantic comedy. I can’t help but laugh every time the Peter Gabriel song kicks in. Other funny clips include Sleepless in Seattle, Napoleon Dynamite and Big as horror movies and Requiem for a Dream as a Notebook-esque time travel drama. Type “trailer recut” into YouTube for other movies.

UPDATE: New York Times reporter Stuart Elliott must have a friend at ad agency BBDO Worldwide (which produced the Christmas Story Cingular parody) because the paper ran a fawning article about the blasphemous commercial today. ("I've got a ton of great response.") Great quote, Stuart.


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