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Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Tom Take You Xenu
by PopCultureWhore

Tom Cruise and some chick got married yesterday. The entertainment media went all out in an attempt to dig up the most useless trivia about the nuptials. Katie spent $3,000 on lingerie, Nicole sent a gift, Oprah cried herself to sleep and Borat somehow got sued over the whole thing. Here are a few nuggets to remember The Great Wedding.

Tom and Katie used the same wedding photographer as Brad and Jen! Are they doomed?! Yeah, that's totally why. (Us Weekly)

Did Tom and Katie commit a wedding faux pas? (Us Weekly)

Maldives! A $23k watch! Pyrotechnics! (People Blog)

Pop quiz, hotshot. Don’t let Katie’s get away car go below 50 mph. (People)

Oprah really is God. She addressed the TomKat diss before it even happened! (TMZ)

Brooke goes “buck wild” at Hermes. Um, yeah. (X17)

Was Suri kept under wraps because of a crippling blemish? (Celebrity Baby Blog)


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