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Monday, November 13, 2006

I Just Missed Him!
By PopCultureWhore

K-Fed posed with a few "fans" in DC on Saturday before a performance in Virginia. I was in DC on Saturday - I should've stalked his ass. But really, without the hope of a Britney sighting, is it even worth it? He's like the failed rapper's version of a tree falling in the forest. At least he made a few bucks this time around. Though tickets for his Chicago House of Blues gig were being given away, concert goers in Norfolk had to shell out $15 to watch his Royal Federline spew his rhymes.

According to his tour rider, K-Fed isn't too demanding (how could he be?), basically requesting liquor, Doritos and a lock on his dressing room door. Hmm ...

He spoke to a giggly Teen People reporter about his life as a pimp (he's never danced with a pimp, however.) He told men to woo their women with food, said he was a "sucker for booty" and confessed to watching Nickelodeon cartoons with his kids. I can totally see K-Fed vegging out in front of Catdog. That is one weird cartoon.

The best part? When asked what super power he'd like to possess, he quickly responds "strength." When asked why, he says, "So I could fly." Um, then wouldn't you request the power to fly?


Blogger salomedesade said...

I live in DC, and I missed this? I think K-Fed is the male Anna Nicole Smith, leeching off his spouse even after she's out of his life.

5:09 PM


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