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Friday, October 27, 2006

“You Want a Zoloft? I Have Tons”
By PopCultureWhore

Katie Holmes and Brooke Shields made nice this weekend at a private party despite the public battle over anti-depressants between Shields and Holmes’ fiancé Tom Cruise. While starring in “Chicago” on Broadway, Brooke said she’d leave two complimentary tickets for Tom and Katie at the box office – one adult and one child. After Tom came over to Brooke’s house to apologize in person, the two apparently put their differences aside. I secretly wish Tom went over there to get some drugs because Katie was suffering the post-baby blues. Even if you were, though, would you actually tell Tom Cruise that you wanted some meds? He’d probably lock you in the basement with vitamins and a treadmill until you got over yourself. Baby Grier looks like she knows what’s up and is desperately trying to escape!



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