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Friday, October 27, 2006

Madonna and Child
By PopCultureWhore

Madge made the big Oprah debut yesterday to tell her side of the adoption saga. She was very well spoken and calm throughout, but I wanted a whole hour of dirt instead of 20 minutes and then the Dixie Chicks. She said that baby David’s father had met with her in court and agreed to the adoption and she believed that the press’ scrutiny was the reason for any statements to the contrary. Madonna said she was worried that the negative attention this adoption has received will discourage others from adopting Malawian children. She and Guy now have custody of David in London and they’ll have to submit to 18 months of periodic visits from a social worker (“Can you imagine being the social worker going to check on Madonna’s kid?” asked my roommate) but then he is officially their child. She denied seeking advice from Brangelina, saying she’s never even met Angelina, though Guy is friendly with Brad because of their work on “Snatch.” I found it funny, though, that The New York Times did a review comparing Madge's appearance with President Bush's Iraq press conference. That either says a lot for Madge's staying power or not much for Bush's authority!


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