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Monday, October 09, 2006

'Lost' Offers Few Explanations
By Lakshmi Kalimireddi

The ever expanding cast of Lost introduced Juliet, the first of three new characters. She appears depressed, alone, and not too enthused by Ben (aka Henry Gale). She one of the Dharma project scientists living in a suburban town in the middle of the island.

In true Lost form, no questions were answered, but a handful of new ones were asked. Flashbacks showed Jack trying to figure out the identity of his wife's new man, accusing his dad of being her new love and basically just flipping out of his friggin mind.

Back on the island Jack is imprisoned in an old, underwater aquarium called The Hydra and it appears as though his blood has been taken. Juliet asks him questions, makes him sandwiches and flashes her smile in an effort to gain his trust and get his guard down.

Jack is having none of that and instead rushes her, holds a shard of broken plate to her throat and forces her to open the door. Unfortunately creepy Ben is waiting in the hallway. Jack threatens to kill Juliet, but Ben says he’s cool with that. Jack opens a nearby door despite warnings from Ben and Juliet that doing so would be deadly. The ocean floods in, Ben escapes and leaves Juliet for dead. But Jack and Juliet swim to safety, where Juliet knocks Jack’s know-it-all ass out.

Sawyer, the wild man that he is, is in a cage with a food dispensing contraption. Is this a clue about the origins of Dharma? Why don't they just bring him food like they do for Jack? An adjacent cage holds a mysterious kid who’s apparently been held captive for quite some time. Nonetheless, he manages to escape and set Sawyer free. The Dharma folks catch both, make the kid apologize to Sawyer, and them drag the kid off into the woods. Where'd they take him? What did they do with him? Is the kid an Other?

Kate gets a shower (her blood was also taken), a new dress and a dream date with Creepy Ben. Unfortunately, it's all a tease for what he says will be a cruddy two weeks at the Dharma prison camp. She asks about Sawyer and Jack. Ben questions why she asked for Sawyer first. Is he using his psychological mumbo jumbo on her? After her breakfast date, she's put into the now vacant cage across from Sawyer. Would she have been in the tank next to Jack if she said his name first?

Then, the cutest scene ever. Perpetual bad boy Sawyer shows his sweet, and funny, side to a sad Kate and tosses her the yummy fish biscuit he spent hours trying to acquire. This is why I love bad boys. They're hot when they're bad and hotter when they're nice. Those dimples don't hurt either.

We close with Juliet pulling out a mysterious file which contains information about Jack’s life, family and friends. He asks only if his ex-wife is happy and Juliet responds that she is indeed content.

So, no mysteries solved – like the fates of those back at the camp – but there’s always next week.


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