Friday, October 27, 2006

Jake and Reese?
By PopCultureWhore

My roommate remarked that Reese is “all Johnny Cashed tricked out in her Oscar and [Ryan’s] a little bitch doin' a supportin' role in CRASH. They're like the smart version of Jess and Nick. I'm actually EXCITED to see who she'll date now.” That got me thinking about who might be a good follow up for Mr. Phillippe and I’m thinking Jake Gyllenhaal. If I can’t have him, at least set him up with an intelligent Hollywood type instead snaggle-toothed, club hopping trash like Kirsten Dunst. Reese and Jake are working together soon in a movie called Rendition about a CIA operative, so it’s the perfect opportunity for a little matchmaking.

UPDATE: Did Ryan pull an Ethan Hawke and cheat on Reese with a Canadian waitress? MK from DListed writes, “I once had a drag queen tell me that she screwed him once in the mid-90s and he smelled like shit. Take that for what it’s worth.” LOL.

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Dawn said...

Wow, look at you calling that one!