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Friday, October 06, 2006

Chanting for Lohan
By PopCultureWhore

Perfect home
Perfect man
Stay sober
Help a certain friend in Hollywood
Movie by July 1
Lindsay Lohan
Kate Moss
Having a baby with the perfect man that treats me well

Courtney Love has found serenity with Buddhism and she chants for the things listed above. That’s right. Dear precious Courtney chants for her dead husband, Lindsay Lohan and horses. The revelation is part of a documentary set to air on British TV. If Martin Bashir’s Michael Jackson sit down is any indication, I think a general rule of thumb would be to shy away from UK camera crews lest you come off looking like a total nutcase. Oops, too late! In another clip, Courtney just stumbles across the jacket in which Kurt killed himself. Super!



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