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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Brokeback Murder Spree
By PopCultureWhore

Here's a pic from Jake Gyllenhaal's upcoming movie, Zodiac. He stars as a cartoonist who penned two books about the mysterious serial killer dubbed the Zodiac. It appears that he has not changed wardrobes from his Brokeback days, however. Robert Downey Jr. is rocking the 70's glam and is that Justin trying to bring sexy back in the copy room with a junior editor? Perhaps. Ok, he's not actually in this movie, but he is going on tour with Pink -- who has been quite vocal in her distaste for JT's ex Britney (despite Britney saying she loved Pink on her TV series, Chaotic). He hits NYC in February, but I haven't decided if I'll ante up to see him for a fifth time!



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