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Thursday, October 12, 2006

And Divorced at 30.5
By PopCultureWhore

Lindsay Lohan’s age 30 checklist includes being married, owning a home, recording a record of music she enjoys and winning an Oscar. If Lohan wins an Oscar, I will eat the remains of my cremated poodle, Cognac. Other than that I’m sure she could handle purchasing several homes, marrying a boy toy and belting out more craptastic songs about her deadbeat, incarcerated father. She tells InStyle that she’s working on her third album right now. It will likely include some lovely ditties about the demise of her relationship with Pink Taco owner Harry Morton. She tells the magazine that her biggest mistake with Mr. Morton was “falling in love for the first time and abusing the relationship.”

Speaking of the Pink Taco restaurant, my friends and I went there in Las Vegas this weekend. The food was really good but it was definitely just a run-of-the-mill Mexican restaurant in terms of the décor, so I’m sure why (or if) it’s such a celebrity hotspot.



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