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Monday, October 02, 2006

All The King's Cads
By PopCultureWhore

If Jude Law’s upcoming GQ interview is any indication of how he apologized to Sienna for diddling the nanny, I’d say she’s a damn fool for taking him back. Of course, she’s a damn fool for reconciling regardless, but it doesn’t appear as though Jude is committed to throwing rose petals at her feet or making breakfast in bed for the rest of their days to make it up to her. “I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I apologized to the people I think matter in that situation. There’s not really an awful lot more I can do or say,” he tells the magazine. “You can’t spend your life apologizing.” Actually, you can. But really, Sienna should’ve gotten the hell out of dodge the second this all went down. At first, this whole ordeal played in her favor. She was the woman scorned who put on a brave face and continued her London theater run. But now she just looks like a dumbass for taking his ass back (and some of her fashion choices).

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Heh heh
By the way, he is awfully ugly in this picture you give!

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