Sunday, September 03, 2006

While You Were In The Hamptons
by PopCultureWhore

> Diane Lane is 41. This both gives me hope or makes me want to kill myself (Egotastic)

> What do Diane Keaton, Kimberly Stewart and Britney Spears have in common? They like to run around barefoot. Celebrities need to put their damn shoes on. It’s a sacrilege to have all that money and not spend at least a little of it on fancy shoes I’ll never be able to afford. (DListed)

> Jessica Simpson’s former assistant CaCee Cobb is dating Donald Faison of Scrubs and Clueless fame? (Evil Beet)

> Paris Hilton will be spending the money she didn’t earn from sales of her first album for a seat on Richard Branson’s civilian space mission. America’s favorite tramp has put a $195,000 down payment to fly into outer space … someday. The endeavor is still in planning stages, but word is she’ll have to wear an adult diaper because the shuttle will not have bathroom facilities. God, if black holes read blogs, I beg you to work together and suck this one in. (Fametastic)

> Jeremy London married Plastic Surgery Barbie. Time has not been good to him since “Dazed and Confused”(PeoplePosted by Picasa

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