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Sunday, September 03, 2006

VMA Scraps
By PopCultureWhore

> Did an American Music Awards performance from Britney inspire Beyonce at this year’s VMAs? You be the judge. Britney did not inspire laughs, however. Her dramatically challenged videotaped appearance with K-Fed has been edited out of VMA rebroadcasts.

> Is Ashlee Simpson through with band mate Braxton? Pink is the New Blog reports that Ms. Simpson was spotted making out with Pete Wentz from the band Fall Out Boy at a VMA after party held at MisShapes. New nose, new boy?

> Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis proves that he is a smooth operator. What did he think of the damning, but oddly intriguing Los Angles Times profile written about him last month? "Here's the problem. If I had had sex with that reporter like she wanted to, it'd have all worked out for me. But I chose not to 'cause she's a fat ugly pig. So I made that decision,” he tells Gawker. I’m sure she kicking herself on a daily basis.

> Meanwhile … Christina Aguilera wasn’t in the mood to sign autographs for fans on the red carpet ... Jason and LC aren’t exactly on speaking terms ... Paris’ attempt at a live performance wasn’t all that hot ... Ice-T likes ‘em classy ... Missy gets smacked on the head ... and FourFour watches so you don't have to.


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