Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Starving Artist
By Eugenia B.

Guess what book I’m going to pick up next time I go into Barnes & Noble to use the bathroom and read magazines without buying them? I don’t think it will be “That Extra Half An Inch: Hair, Heels, and Everything in Between" from intellectual poster child Victoria Beckham. I hope this piece of pink, sugar coated crap was ghost written, only because I like to imagine the instructions that the ghost writer received. "Now, Ghostwriter, remember in high school when the school dork would write term papers for the jocks but they would dumb them down so it was realistic? Well, that’s what we need! No words with more than two syllables, no wit or intellect, don’t get all fancy and start talking about history or facts. Just try to be as crappy as possible. We want this to be realistic! Got it?"

STORK UPDATE: News of Victoria’s pregnancy seems to have been lost in translation. A rep for the couple denies that Posh is knocked up again. It seems that David Beckham thought a paparazzo had asked if Victoria and the kids were doing well, to which he answered “yes.” The woman had actually asked if Victoria and her growing spawn were doing well, prompting her to assume that Posh was indeed pregnant. Brilliant. Posted by Picasa

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