Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Short-Term Memory Alert!
By PopCultureWhore

Ben Affleck was on The Daily Show tonight and spent most of the interview discussing the paparazzi’s fascination with him several years ago. “I’d be in my underwear, heating up a burrito and [the paparazzi] would be on my lawn with a satellite link up,” he told Jon Stewart. For some reason, I totally blanked on what he was talking about. “That stint at Promises?” I thought to myself. “Did he trash a hotel room?” And then it hit me – fucking Bennifer! How could I forget?! I think I repressed the metrosexual makeover, Gigli, the house in Savannah, the Jenny from the Block video, the primetime interview at their home, J’Lo’s problem with Ben’s gambling, the wedding that never was and her deflated romp on a Miami Beach after it was cancelled. Sweet, sweet Bennifer. Thank fucking Christ you’re done and married to boring people.

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