Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sean P and Jailynn?
By PopCultureWhore

Star Magazine is not really known for its accuracy on baby news, but they are reporting that Britney plans to name Federfetus #2 Jailynn as an homage to Brit’s mother Lynn and father Jamie. I guess we can ignore the fact that they did that for themselves already by naming their second daughter Jamie Lynn. Reports also say that Britney will have a c-section on Sept. 14 – the same day son Sean Preston was born one year ago. Don’t do that to your kids. They’re already sharing brain cells with Daddy, now they have to share birthdays?

Speaking of Daddy, K-Fed made an appearance on Ellen’s talk show today, where he acknowledged that being in Britney’s shadow is tough, but does not view their relationship as a competition. Super! Here he is during a guest appearance on CSI. Thank God George Eads ditched the strange bowl cut.

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slightly_commercial said...

i think the shared birthday idea is just so k-fed only has to remember one date.