Thursday, September 07, 2006

Santa Came Early This Year!
By PopCultureWhore

Today’s top story made my year. I can now retire a happy little pop culture whore. Paris Hilton was arrested for DUI! That’s right bitches. She was put in the police car, taken to headquarters and booked like your average criminal. I love it! She should also be booked for assault with a deadly musical taste. Her minion Elliot Mintz claims Ms. Hilton consumed only one margarita before jumping into her car to go to In ‘N’ Out burger and attributed her erratic driving to fatigue. She blew a .08, which is the lowest you can get in order to be arrested in California. I think Mel blew a .12? I don’t believe there were any anti-Semitic tirades on Paris’ part, but that’s probably because she doesn’t know what anti-Semitic means. Her sister Nicky and boyfriend Kevin Connolly came to bail out the young heiress. I can’t wait for the mug shot.

Click HERE to see Paris being driven away by the cops and her car being towed.

Click HERE to hear Paris defend herself on the radio.

Click HERE to watch Paris arrive home after the arrest and Mr. Mintz give a statement to the paparazzi gathered at her house.

Click HERE to watch Nicky, Kevin and Elliot arrive at the police station.

Click HERE to see what Paris was up to before her alcoholic bender. Or something.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Hilton's arrest was the second time she was pulled over on Wednesday night.


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Pop Culture Diva said...

How can she blow a .08 and have had only one drink? That sounds like a PR spin to me.