Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Return of Danny Wood!
By PopCultureWhore

The Brits just can’t let go of their boy band stars. MTV UK is airing a reality show called “Totally Boyband” that tries to create pop glory by creating a new boy band out of … former boy banders. The only one of significance off this band (dubbed Upper Street) to most Americans of a certain age is Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block. The others are Dane Bowers (Another Level), Jimmy Constable (911) and Bradley McIntosh (S Club 7), none of whom I could picked out of a lineup. I think they know better than to air this tripe on MTV here in the states, even though I’d DVR it with guilty pleasure and recap it in all its ridiculous glory. Danny Wood kind of looks like he should be a meathead personal trainer on Bravo’s Workout at this point. He was about a useless in NKOTB as Chris Kirkpatrick from N’Sync and Howie from the Backstreet Boys, but formerly useless makes for some good reality TV.

Here’s a little classic NKOTB. The boys went on Oprah (I remember watching this in a lime green sweatshirt I’d puffy painted with all the band member’s names) and Oprah asked Donnie to describe Jordan. Even better than his non-answer is the jacket Jordan is sporting and the hairdos of the female audience members.

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