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Friday, September 29, 2006

Pretty Salma, Ugly Betty
By PopCultureWhore

Salma Hayek goes au natural chic for a “Vogue” photo shoot. Did anyone catch “Ugly Betty,” the new ABC show of which she is an executive producer? Salma made an amusing cameo as a Mexican soap opera star, but I’m not sure how I feel about the show as a whole.

It’s basically a low-rent TV version of “Devil Wears Prada” (with Betty in the Anne Hathaway role) but without Meryl Streep and all the gorgeous clothes. The cast doesn’t really gel and the guy who plays Betty’s boss reminds me too much of the guy who played Peter Blake on “Days of our Lives.” I expected him to shout something about Stefano DiMera at any moment.

Also, at one point, Betty ends up helping her boss come up with a layout pitch for a cosmetics executive who was a Donatella-Lizzie Grubman hybrid. I was confused, though, as to why a magazine editor-in-chief was essentially pitching an ad campaign to a cosmetics CEO. One character randomly mentioned a “supplement” to the magazine, but a) wouldn’t the sales and marketing people handle that and b) wouldn’t the cosmetics company have their own advertising company to handle magazine inserts? Did I miss something?

The producers must also be Ricky Gervais fans. Ashley Jensen, the girl who plays Gervais’ sidekick on “Extras” appears as a co-worker who is sympathetic to Betty’s plight and Lucy Davis, who played the British version of Pam on “The Office” in the UK, also has a small role. As far as comedy goes, however, they might want to stick with Gervais.



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