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Monday, September 25, 2006

Kitty Gets Last Laugh
By PopCultureWhore

Looks like David Hasselhoff is keeping things civil with ex-wife Pamela! Reports this morning indicated that his youngest daughter Hayley had tried to kill herself Sunday night. Hasselhoff's wife Pamela, however, insists that the 14-year-old girl was just scratched by the family cat and that Hasselhoff blew the whole incident out of proportion to make her look like a bad mother. The Hoff claims his older daughter called him to say that Hayley was bleeding so he called 911 and told the operator that the girl had been "cut." He denies mentioning the word "suicide" but acknowledges that the dispatcher might have inferred otherwise. Ex-wife Pamela says she called Hasselhoff on Sunday night after the kid was scratched to say that their daughter was crying uncontrollably and might need therapy. Hasselhoff denies every speaking with Pamela on Sunday night. You know Fluffy the cat was just tired of the Hasselhoff drama and was trying to get her ass put down. Bitch has eight more lives left and she's not going to spend it watching re-runs of "Knight Rider."

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