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Thursday, September 07, 2006

JT On The Leak
By PopCultureWhore

Yes, it’s another Justin post. His full album is now available on MTV’s The Leak until its Tuesday debut. I’m liking Future Sex/Love Sound, LoveStoned, What Goes Around and of course, SexyBack. I think My Love and Damn Girl could grow on me too, but he sounds kind of young purring “Damn girl” and it’s almost more amusing than sexy.

Two things, though. Does the background to LoveStoned remind you of the Monster Mash or am I going crazy? And does the sample for Chop it Up sound a lot like the opening chords of the Untitled track on the Danity Kane album?

Click above for an MTV news report, clips and interview from his post-VMA, Roseland Ballroom show. There are also amateur videos of Cry Me A River, Rock Your Body, SexyBack and more on YouTube.


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