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Friday, September 01, 2006

Ignorance Is Bliss
By Patrick Griffith

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, apparently. Staunch druggie and media jackass Pete Doherty has been out of control as usual – facing drug charges earlier this month, being photographed shirtless (barf) with (sober?) girlfriend Kate Moss and most recently being evicted from his UK apartment for not paying rent.

In light of all the controversy, out pops Jackie Doherty, Pete’s mum, who has written a book on her son called Pete Doherty: My Prodigal Son. In a recent interview with Times, she cries about how she raised her son right and what a genius he was, and she never though he would turn out to be a raging drug addict. It’s sad to hear this coming from any mother whose son has turned out this way, but you also have to question some of her comments. Upon learning that Pete was smoking heroin and crack, she was relieved to learn he wasn’t injecting the drugs (yet). That’s like being relieved to know you’re going to die but it’s only from natural causes.

Then there’s the Kate Moss subject, in which her only comment is, “I think everyone should leave them alone. They’ve been deeply in love and people just won’t leave them alone.” Right, maybe that’s because they’re both drug addicts and are dumb enough to get caught with it constantly? Or maybe because they’re both famous?

When asked about why there’s no mention in the book of Pete’s disgusting living habits, with drug paraphernalia littered throughout his apartment and paintings he created using his own blood, she says, “But some people live in chaos, you have to allow people to live how they want to live. Because amid the chaos is an awful amount of creativity that I don’t understand. Now that might be madness in some people’s mind. But what is mad? People thought Impressionism was mad.” I’ll tell you what’s mad, making paintings with your own blood. Mrs. Doherty, are you retarded, or just plain stupid?

But alas, the best is saved for last. When asked about the Glastonbury festival, at a point where Pete was at the height of his drug addiction, she replies, “Have you been to Glastonbury? I was in the Chas & Dave tent and I danced my legs off, with girls, with boys. It was fantastic! I’d go again.”

Mrs. Doherty, are you sure you didn’t snag some of Pete’s crack the last time you saw him? How long are you going to write off all of your sons fuck ups? It’s not too hard to see why Doherty apparently doesn’t take his mom’s concern for his well being seriously; because no matter what he does, she’ll be there to make the wrongs seem not so bad. The guy can get away with anything! I’m sure that makes Mrs. Doherty the envy of every high schooler with a curfew of midnight.

Look for Jackie Doherty’s book Peter Doherty: My Prodigal Son in a bargain bin near you.


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