Monday, September 18, 2006

Idols Hit Broadway
by IdolWhore

After a short break, Season 3 finalist Diana DeGarmo has returned to her role as Penny Pingleton in the Broadway cast of "Hairspray." Her run in the show is scheduled to last until Feb. 11, 2007, so there is plenty of time to catch little Diana belting it out on stage. Consensus among many avid "Idol" watchers had always been that Diana's big, brassy voice was better suited to musical theatre than pop radio, and Diana herself has said that she truly enjoys being part of this big, outrageous production. The Idol Whore had the pleasure of seeing "Hairspray" during its first year on Broadway, and I assure you that if you enjoy catchy show tunes, great dancing, and over-the-top sets, "Hairspray" is the most fun you can have with your pants on.

Joining Diana in the current cast are popstar sibling Haylie Duff, R&B chart-topper Tevin Campbell and soul legend Darlene Love. Also in this cast is Broadway vet Johanthan Dokuchitz, who was actually a classmate of the Idol Whore back at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts "way back when." He is now a Broadway star and I am a blogger/book editor. It's nice to see that someone from the class actually made it as a pro. Congratulations, Jon!


Another Idol hitting the Broadway boards is Season 4's Constantine Maroulis. He will take over the supporting role of Sammy in "The Wedding Singer" beginning Nov. 5. Based on the Adam Sandler film of the same name, "The Wedding Singer" is about...well...a wedding singer who brings joy to other people's nuptials, but can't bring the same happiness to his own love life. The show is a period piece, and the costumes, sets, hairstyles, and slang are all lovingly drowned in 1980s kitsch. As for Constantine, whose character is the wedding singer's best friend, decisions are still being made about what to do with his famous hair. His shaggy mane and somber stare both caught a great deal of attention when he was on "American Idol." The stylists may decide to leave it as is. Still, Con told People magazine that he's actually hoping they decide to go with the wig, which he describes as a "four-foot mullet." Sounds great, Con. Just don't trip over it.

Constantine has been on stage before, touring in the national company of "Rent" before auditioning for "Idol." People asked him if he had ever worked as a wedding singer in the past. He told them he had never had a paying gig as a wedding singer, but he had been cajoled into getting up and singing at plenty of wedding receptions in the past.

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One wedding Constantine Maroulis apparently did not sing at was that of Season 1's Tamyra Gray and her new husband Sam Watters. Boy band enthusiasts may remember Sam from his stint with Color Me Badd, who were most famous for the 1990s hit "I Wanna Sex You Up." That, of course, is an interesting song to dance to at your reception -- or perhaps back at the hotel afterward. (For those who would like some clarification, Sam was the Badd guy who everyone said looked a lot like Kenny G, although he is no longer sporting the long, wavy hair.) The wedding ceremony took place on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Capri, Italy with 45 guests in attendance. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Let's hope they make some beautiful music together!

Ah...romance! If you can't have it, at least you can blog about it.

Not having as romantic a week was Season 2 contestant Corey Clark. He was arrested in Arizona for violating a court order and trespassing at his father-in-law's residence. You might remember him from the “Fallen Idol” TV special during which he claimed to have had an affair with judge Paula Abdul.

That's all for now! Idol Whore out!

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