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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hell To the Naw!
By PopCultureWhore

Whitney Houston has come to her senses! She filed for a legal separation from Bobby Brown and plans to eventually file for divorce, according to a spokesperson. The two married in 1992 and have one daughter, Bobby Kristina. Judging by how mortified the kid looked to be in the presence of her father on the couple’s Bravo reality TV series, Bobby Kristina probably filed the papers herself! Whitney made an appearance last night at the Ella Awards in LA with record producer Clive Davis (above) looking slightly disheveled but less of a crack whore than in recent months. She needs to get her ass into the studio. If Mariah can bounce back from “Glitter” and a nervous breakdown on TRL, Whitney’s definitely got a shot.

The odd thing is that I find out about this via a CNN Breaking News alert, which the cable channel e-mails to subscribers and usually reserves for things like war, mass murder and impending natural disasters. The person running the news alerts today must be a true pop culture whore.


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