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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Deport This Bitch NOW!
by PopCultureWhore

Superwhore Naomi Campbell failed to show up for a court date today. She is charged with second degree assault after she allegedly attacked a former housekeeper for not fetching her the right jeans or some stupid shit like that. Campbell's lawyer said Naomi was a no-show because there were too many photographers outside. "The press is all over this girl. There are over 100 cameramen outside this courthouse," he said. The judge was having none of that, telling the lawyer that the press has a right to be there. He was also annoyed that the prosecution was not asking for a bench warrant. Prosecutors said they are still trying to work out a plea bargain. Um hello, kick her ass to the curb. There are plenty of gazelle-like robo bitches willing to wear fancy clothes and treat servants like shit.

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