Friday, September 22, 2006

Dare to Dream!
By PopCultureWhore

Paris Hilton’s latest video is an homage to “The Girl Next Door,” the movie about a teenager who falls in love with the porn star living next door. The video for “Nothing in This World” features Paris as the object of desire for a dorky teenage boy. When she moves in next door, he asks her to walk through school with him, suddenly transforming him into the boy king of Anywhere High. Interspersed throughout the video, however, are little taglines, the last being “Dare to Dream.” That’s nice of Paris to think of the younger generation, but shouldn’t dreams entail more than walking the hall with an amateur porn star? Probably, but then again, Paris is “not like that smart.” Someone also needs to tell her that straddling things for sex appeal is so 1998. But so is her album. That's right, bitch!

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