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Friday, September 08, 2006

50 Cent, Model Citizen
By PopCultureWhore

Who drives a Lamborghini in Manhattan? 50 Cent. The rapper was ticketed near Penn Station today for driving his pricey silver sports car with an expired license, making an unsafe lane change, driving an unregistered vehicle and driving an uninsured vehicle. Police took him into custody because of all the people gathered on the street to stare. "He was taken to the station only for safety reasons because a crowd gathered because of who he is," an NYPD spokesperson said. A friend of 50’s arrived at the station with the correct paperwork and he left without being arrested. No seriously, who drives a Lamborghini in Manhattan?! I get worried about my precious Saturn in this city and she had dent resistant side panels. But I guess when you're pulling in 50's salary, such vehicles are mere baubles to be tossed in the Hudson River when the fun is over. Besides, 50 needs to focus on his music. That homage to Diddy isn't exactly Grammy caliber stuff.


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