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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What a Whale!
By PopCultureWhore

"Audiences were abuzz when co-host Jessica Simpson took the stage with comedian Dane Cook at the Teen Choice awards in L.A.’s Universal City August 20. But it wasn’t their flirtatious relationship that had fans talking: It was Simpson’s newly slimmed-down shape."

I think US Weekly is delusional. Jessica and Dane had about as much chemistry as two dead fish. And the photo above is their excuse for a “before” and “after” shot. WTF? If you really think she looks fat in that picture, you need to get your head out of your ass, eat more than grapes for lunch and stop trying to emulate this poor excuse for a wet dog.

If you’re going to criticize, slam the fact that Jessica can’t read a teleprompter to save her life and shares comedic timing skills with Britney. Speaking of Mrs. Federline, word on the street is that Jessica asked Brit backstage at the awards show if she could kiss Britney’s pregnant belly, to which she reportedly responded, “Hell no!” Darling, that’s what you should’ve said when K-Fed suggested … well, anything!

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