Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Crazy
By PopCultureWhore

Jon Voight is one Lifetime movie away from the nuthouse. Angelina’s estranged father was at the BAFTA Tea Party (which sounds like an invite to padded wall central, but is really the Brit version of the Oscar luncheon) when he sent birthday wishes to grandson Maddox via the press. He then proceeded to send his best to Shakira. What? He actually meant granddaughter Zahara, but screwed up her name. Oops! Jon hasn’t seen any of Angie’s three children seeing as how he told “Access Holllywood” that she needed help for mental problems back in the Billy Bob days. If my daughter were wearing blood around her neck and having sex with Billy Bob Thornton in the back of limos, I’d probably tell her she was a wacko too, albeit in a less public forum.

Watch the Shakira/Zahara mishap HERE.

Angelina, meanwhile, has popped up in ads for Shiseido cosmetics (above) looking like an alien in heat.

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