Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Travis' New Playmate: (+44)
By PopCultureWhore

Travis Barker is not going to sit at home and cry into his bong over his impending divorce from Shanna Moakler. He and former Blink-182 band mate Tom DeLonge are teaming up to form a new band (+44), named after the telephone prefix dialed to call the U.K. The group’s first album, “When Your Hearts Stop Beating,” will debut on Nov. 14. Joining Barker and DeLonge will be ex-Nervous Return member Shane Gallagher and Craig Fairbaugh, who played with Barker in the Transplants. Travis has to compete somehow, seeing as how estranged wife Shanna is sure to become an international superstar after the TV debut of this season’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Speaking of, check out a NYT profile of contestant Tucker Carlson HERE. The Tuckermotion?


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